White House Ghosts

How do we know they are real?

When did this all start

The White House started getting haunted in the 1800's by ghosts who are still not yet identifyed, "One little known spirit is the unidentified 15-year old boy,""An unnamed British Soldier who perished during the war of 1812 roams the White House grounds holding a torch," (whitehousehistory). There are more than one ghosts that have haunted the house that are still unknown and have not yet discovered. And we still don't know where they are coming from


Many famous people have visited the white house that claim hat they have been "haunted" by one of the ghosts, while other sites say that these people are imagining the ghosts being there by a past ghost story that was made up and has carried along for all these years making people believe they are actually here.

most plausible theory

what I believe

i believe that these ghosts are really there but i do not believe that you can actually see the full figure of the ghosts like what their wearing or what they look like, the reason I believe they are there is because many people who have stayed in the white house that are famous for example the queen of the Netherlands stayed in the white house and claims she heard a knocking on the door in the middle of the night and opened the door to see Lincoln standing looking at her in his top hat and beard.

Pictures of main rooms haunted

Ghosts that haunt the white house

Lincoln, Andrew Jackson, Dorothea Paine, Anna Surratt, Thomas Jefferson, John Tyler, Abigal Adams, William henry Harrison, David Burnes and many more