The colony of Georgia

And why to settle there

Why settle in Georgia?

Georgia was a colony where debtors in England came to settle. It was preferred to live in the colony than to be in jail. James Oglethorpe planned this occurrence and also had many trustees settle in Georgia. Catholics are not welcomed in Georgia but Puritans, Quakers, and Lutherans are strongly recommended to come to avoid religious discrimination. Georgia eventually did become a royal colony because the central government of Georgia did not sufficiently comply with the demands of the colonists. Georgia is the greatest colony and the place you should settle because it offers freedom of religion. So leave Europe and come here because we have a successful economy and a good military. While you are in George nothing will happen to you because our Highland Scots are strong and deal with all military threats. We also offer a second chance for all people who are living a hard life, come here and you won't have to deal with such a harsh life and will be able to live with more ease. George is also a more peaceful colony because we are more against slavery and we are for equal protection under the law and if you stand for the right principles and want to support black rights then Georgia is the perfect place for you!

What are the demographics of colonial Georgia?

Mainly Salzburgers, and Highland Scots settled in Georgia. Highland Scots settled in Darien and were responsible for military affairs. Georgia was a buffer state for the rest of the colonies and guarded English America from Spanish parts of America such as Florida. For this reason the Highland Scots were necessary. Many slaves from Africa were present in Georgia and Georgia grew a lot of cotton. Salzburgers were protestants were came to Georgia with Oglethorpe and established the town of Ebenezer.

There was a lot of protest against slavery but the protesters were a minority and Georgia became a slave colony.

The countries that settled in Georgia were predominantly, English,Scottish Highlanders, German, Italian,Swish, and Welsh. Jews and Catholics were originally restricted access into the colony of Georgia. Slavery was at first prohibited but eventually allowed.

One of the reasons why you should come to Georgia is because we are diverse people and therefore except almost everyone and there is no discrimination. We also are a town of many hard working individuals and when one moves to Georgia they find unity with their group of people and are able to support each other.

More information:

James Oglethorpe And King George

James Oglethorpe founded the colony of Georgia. He was originally a debtor but he eventually convinced King George II to grant him a charter to found Georgia. This happened in 1732. The colony of Georgia was named after King George. James Oglethorpe then went to create the colony of Georgia and played an important role in allowing for the settlement of the colony and creating the trustee government.

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