Alex Heidt

JD and Master of Finance

Building Client Relations with Alex Heidt

In his long and decorated professional career, Alex Heidt has maintained a reputation for customer service and building strong client relations. Now, in his capacity as Senior Vice President and head of acquisitions for Alion Science and Technology, the major global engineering and operational solutions corporation, Alex Heidt implements these skills on a daily basis in his constant drive to deliver results and ensure growth.

Building and maintaining client relations is possibly the single most important aspect of corporate growth, according to Alex Heidt. After all, without clients you have no business. This is why he places a great deal of importance on the maintenance of great client relations, always trying to go the extra step with a client to ensure they are satisfied.

This “customer first” attitude has benefited Alex Heidt well in his 25 years of professional life. He has risen through the corporate ranks at major companies like Lockheed Martin and Harris Corporation; at Harris he was named Senior Vice President of Business Development, in charge of nearly $1 billion of the company’s $5 billion in revenue. In order to maintain this level of profitability, Alex Heidt says, it is absolutely vital to maintain client relations at a high level, keeping relationships healthy and fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect and admiration.

Alex Heidt achieves this high level of client satisfaction with his unique blend of skills, combining his wide-ranging business expertise with an unimpeachable professionalism and devotion to integrity, which makes him a force to be reckoned with. But he tempers this with his polish and air of easy authority, wielding his considerable talents with an approachability that puts clients at ease.

Alex Heidt continues to see great results on account of his unwavering devotion to good client relations. He expects to continue achieving growth and further success well into the future.

Alex Heidt Delivers Results

In a career that has spanned 25 years and shows no signs of slowing, current Senior Vice President of Alion Science and Technology Alex Heidt has maintained a sterling reputation for delivering great results. This reputation has followed him throughout his professional life. Rising through the corporate ranks one step at a time, Alex Heidt was given jobs of increasing responsibility at prominent defense firms such as Lockheed Martin and Harris Corporation. At Harris, Alex Heidt became Senior Vice President of Business Development, heading a $1 billion branch of the $5 billion corporation. All along the way, he has received considerable praise for his ability to drive growth and deliver results.

It is a unique combination of a wide ranging set of business skills, along with a personal code of integrity and dedication, that makes Alex Heidt such a top talent in the field. He is a talented executive with a broad background in federal and commercial markets, with extensive experience in marketing, business plan development and execution, customer relations, and operations management and negotiations. He is also a consummate professional with a keen eye for detail and a commitment to seeing a task through to the end. This package of talents has kept Alex Heidt at the forefront of the executive curve and has resulted in a continued string of professional successes. Results are the bottom line, and results are what Alex Heidt delivers.

Alex Heidt embodies the traits of an old-school leader, with poise, polish and professionalism heading the roster of his personal virtues. He inspires the respect and admiration of those around him and brings them up to his level, consistently getting more than expected from his team. There traits are well-suited to delivering the kind of results that Alex Heidt takes pride in delivering every day.

Professionalism Embodied: Alex Heidt

Professionalism means many different things to different people. For Alex Heidt, professionalism means acting with integrity and dedication to the cause, every day, no matter what personal issues may arise, and no matter what stumbling blocks may be in your way. This attitude has resulted in Alex Heidt’s continued successes in the business world and his record of high achievement.

Throughout his 25 year career as a top executive, the 50-year-old Alex Heidt has prided himself on a continued, sustained professionalism and a dedication to integrity unmatched by most in today’s business world. After earning his JD and Master of Finance from Catholic University and his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Strayer University, Alex Heidt went on to take positions of increasing importance and responsibility in the defense and technology field, with such companies as E-Systems Corp, Orbital Sciences Corp, Lockheed Martin, and Harris Corporation, all the way earning high marks for his professionalism and dedication. Currently, Alex Heidt is employed as Senior Vice President at Alion Science and Technology, a global engineering, technology and operational solutions giant. At Alion, Alex Heidt’s professionalism is a highly valued asset.

Professionalism also means maintaining a level of humility even when being showered with praise. Alex Heidt has been given numerous awards distinguishing his outstanding service, including being named one of Strayer University’s Alumni of the Year in 2012 and earning the NOVA Award from Lockheed Martin. But the praise has never gone to Alex Heidt’s head. Instead he redoubles his devotion to driving new business, developing client relations, and maintaining his high level of professionalism.

Ironically, professionalism is self-perpetuating; striving for professional growth results in increased professional responsibility, and this cycle continues all the way throughout a professional career. Alex Heidt says he will never stop reaching for the highest heights of professional achievement, and this means his consummate professionalism will only continue to grow.

Strayer University Alumni of the Year: Alex Heidt

Throughout his 25-year career as a top executive in the defense and technology field, Alex Heidt has been recognized for his achievements and contributions to his company’s cause. While at Orbital Sciences Corp., he was awarded their Extra Mile Award for his achievements at that company. During his tenure as an executive at Lockheed Martin, Alex Heidt received several awards, including the President’s Award, the MVP Award, and the NOVA Award. These awards were given in honor of Alex Heidt’s continued professionalism, dedication, and service to the Lockheed Martin team.

Most recently, Alex Heidt received his most coveted award to date when his alma mater, Strayer University, named him Alumni of the Year for 2012.

Alex Heidt earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Strayer, and says the university education helped propel him on the path to his current successes. Currently in the employ of Alion Science and Technology as an Executive Vice President and head of the company’s special division for acquisitions management, Alex Heidt is achieving new heights of professional excellence every day. His ability to drive growth and foster customer relations, combined with his matchless integrity and composure under pressure, make Alex Heidt a valuable asset to the team and a sterling example of business ethics. Strayer University recognized this and saw how it reflected their own values, which is why they decided to award Alex Heidt with the title.

To be named Alumni of the Year is a great honor, says Alex Heidt, and he is humbled by the experience. He says it is a career milestone that he will not soon forget, but he is always looking toward the future. In the future, Alex Heidt sees the potential for still higher achievement, and perhaps will be awarded even higher honors to come.

Alex Heidt, Alion Science’s New Executive VP

Alion Science and Technology has recently named Alex Heidt their new Senior Vice President and head of the Acquisition Programs Management Group. The global engineering, operational solutions and technology corporation chose Alex Heidt based on his 25-year track record of proven success, as well as his personal reputation for integrity and professionalism.

Alex Heidt brings to Alion a matchless skill set of driving growth, enhancing customer relations and delivering optimum solutions. He honed this skill set over the course of his career with positions of increasing professional importance and responsibility, all at top defense and technology firms. These firms included Lockheed Martin and Harris Corporation, a company with $5 billion in revenue. Alex Heidt is an expert in implementation of high-level business plans, organizational solutions, and profit strategies, as well as a man of high personal integrity who takes pride in his work. Matching expertise with integrity and solutions with professionalism, Alex Heidt provides a level of service and commitment hard to find in today’s business world.

Alion Science and Technology delivers customized engineering, IT and operational solutions to drive business growth and strengthen national security. Their customers are civilian, private sector and defense, as well as commercial. Alex Heidt and Alion promote advanced readiness and faster decision making ability in today’s ever-changing world. Alex Heidt’s combination of business savvy, professionalism, polish and achievement make him a great asset to Alion and a sure sign of great things to come for the company.

Alex Heidt has expressed a high level of satisfaction with the Alion corporate ethos, and suspects that he is at the beginning of a long and mutually beneficial relationship. Alex Heidt’s skills will be put to excellent and maximum use in the Alion environment. Together, they are sure to reach new heights of business achievement and personal growth.

Polish and Professionalism with Alex Heidt

Alex Heidt is a man who places a great deal of value on traits some consider old fashioned. Counted among these are integrity, dedication, hard work, polish and professionalism. By ‘polish’ the former U.S. Marine means good grooming, upright bearing, and sharp attention – all qualities that seem very much a product of bygone days. But for Alex Heidt, polish is very much alive and well. He has excellent posture and a dignified comportment that conveys easy authority. His speech has a kind of paternal respectfulness that, frankly, one does not hear much of these days. It is refreshing to know that people like Alex Heidt carry on the old traditional values.

A Senior Vice President at the research and solutions giant Alion Science and Technology, Alex Heidt exercises these values every day in his professional dealings. Combining skillful business techniques with a knack for customer relations, Alex Heidt goes the extra mile with his clients and contractors, all while maintaining the same air of polish and professionalism that has gotten him to where he is today. After earning multiple degrees at Catholic University in Washington, DC and a BSBA at Strayer University, Alex Heidt went on to make a name for himself in the defense and technology industry, rising through the ranks of firms such as Lockheed Martin and Harris Corporation, and earning new accolades at every turn. Now Alex Heidt has focused his skills on increasing growth at Alion, with visible results.

Alex Heidt’s professionalism has earned him such prestigious distinctions as being named Alumni of the Year by Strayer University in 2012. Because he is polished, he has accepted such awards with the dignity and humility proper to a man of his station. For Alex Heidt, the awards are an honor, but the real reward is in a job well done.

Alex Heidt on Discipline

Former U.S. Marine Alex Heidt knows a thing or two about discipline. In today’s rapidly changing world it is like a breath of fresh air to meet someone with the discipline and attention to detail to see a task through, and to get the job done. These are precisely the traits that Alex Heidt possesses in spades. He has been recognized for these traits throughout his professional career, most recently by Alion Science and Technology, which hired Alex Heidt as head of their acquisitions team. At Alion, Alex Heidt has already begun creating business growth with his unique blend of professional skills and high level of discipline.

Alex Heidt has the discipline to see a project all the way from start to finish, which is why he has been so successful in his career thus far. After earning a JD and Master of Finance from Catholic University and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Strayer University, Alex Heidt went on to rise through the professional ranks in the defense and technology industry, taking positions of increasing importance and responsibility at companies such as Orbital Sciences, Lockheed Martin, and Harris Corporation. Along the way, he maintained a remarkable level of discipline which allowed him to rise above his peers and become the outstanding executive he is today.

Discipline allows for Alex Heidt to constantly strive for new heights of achievement without losing sight of the present task. In honor of his high level of discipline and devotion, which have led him to such great heights of personal and professional achievement, Alex Heidt was recently named Alumni of the Year by Strayer University. Displaying his trademark discipline, he accepted the award with humility and grace. Alex Heidt is sure to continue on his remarkable path of success, using his discipline and professionalism to reach the next level of greatness.

Alex Heidt Displays Dedication

There is no doubt about it: in today’s business world, many employees have a serious lack of dedication. Where employees once would stay on with a company for their entire professional careers, now they change companies as quickly as they might change clothes. That is why it is so refreshing to encounter someone with old-fashioned dedication like Senior Vice President of Alion Science and Technology Alex Heidt.

Alex Heidt has earned high praise for his dedication and core values throughout his 25 years in the defense and technology industry. His reputation for dedication and devotion to the job made Alex Heidt an ideal candidate for Alion, a technology company specializing in operational solutions and global engineering. Alion had been looking for just someone with Alex Heidt’s blend of skills and devotion.

Alex Heidt specializes at Alion in driving growth through business development and customer relations, by understanding organizational dynamics and the contracting process in an integrated way, and by seeing it all through with a singular devotion and vision. Alex Heidt’s team recognizes that they have a unique talent at their helm, and he consistently gets them to rise to the occasion. With customers throughout the U.S. Military as well as commercial clients and private interests, it takes someone with Alex Heidt’s devotion and dedication to see to every aspect of a complex and ever-evolving business.

Before coming to Alion, Alex Heidt was the Senior Vice president of Business Development for Harris Corporation, heading a $1 billion division of the $5 billion company. While there he earned a reputation for 100% devotion and unwavering commitment to the company.

With 25 years already behind him in his career, Alex Heidt shows no signs of slowing down, and even says he envisions 25 more years of devoted service ahead.

Alex Heidt a Top Team Builder

As a senior executive with many years of experience in high-level business, Alex Heidt knows the importance of building great teams. He has been putting his skills to use in building top-level teams for 25 years, with a good deal of success, at big name companies in the defense industry such as Lockheed Martin and Harris Corporation. At Harris Corporation his team was responsible for $1 billion in corporate revenue, so Alex Heidt knew they had better be among the best of the best.

Great team building has been one of Alex Heidt’s many skills as a business executive. He has accomplished his team building goals through hard work and dedication, as well as through leading by example. Alex Heidt’s reputation for integrity and his consummate professionalism inspire teams to greatness, leading them to consistently achieve above and beyond expectations.

Now head of the acquisitions team at Alion Science and Technology, Alex Heidt has under him what he considers to be one of his best teams yet, full of some of the industry’s top talent and loaded with ambition and the desire to achieve greatness. Following Alex Heidt’s example, they have developed a recipe for success through service, achievement, integrity, and professionalism. The team has seen big results and drawn high praise. Alion, the global technology and operational solutions company, delivers advanced solutions for the strengthening of national security and the driving of growth. As a company they stress success at the highest level, and that is why they are excited to have people like Alex Heidt heading their teams.

Alex Heidt’s team building expertise has delivered results already, and he knows it will continue to do so into the future. But he is not relaxing, because there is always new work to be done and new heights to scale in the pursuit of success.