ECS Appy Hour

September 12, 2017

ECS Logo Signature Instructions

Our new logo is available now in the Signature Maker, which you can access through the Staff Portal. Click here for Logo Signature Instructions.

Tools for the Classroom

Seesaw Help for Parents: Helpful page for parents on the Seesaw website.

Grouping Tools for the Classroom - Click this link to read the whole article with details and instructions or click on the individual links below to go straight to the tools.

New apps on PreK classroom iPads...

Two new apps are available on your iPads:

  1. 10 Frame Fill - click here to see the description and screen shots.
  2. Subitize This - click here to see the description and screen shots.

Tiny Tap:

There's a new counting activity available in Tiny Tap called Let's Count.

Party Like a Preschooler:

If you have an Amazon Prime account, you can create playlists within Prime Music. I recently found this album of nursery rhymes that adds a fun little twist, and they are much easier to listen to. My own 3-year old loves it...and I do too!


Seesaw Blogs: Don't forget to paste your Seesaw blog URL on this document so that I can link it to your name on the ECS website.

Curriculum Night: I will be here tonight floating around, so if you need any tech support, just let me know. Also...if parents need to access the wireless network, there is a guest network available.

Network: FriscoISD-Guest

PW: welcome2friscoisd

Guided Access: If you want to turn on Guided Access on your classroom iPads so that your students cannot get out of an app, you can access instructions here. Please note that you will have to do this on every single iPad.

Upcoming Trainings...

Seesaw: September Webinar Schedule

Everything Google Online Class: October 2nd-October 28; Register in Eduphoria.