Gregor Mendel


Gregor Mendel is a guy who studied genetics on pea plants

secesses and struggles


He was accepted into the university of olomouc

Mendel had top marks on math and science

good relationships with teachers


Gregor mendels family were poor farmers

Mendel failed his teaching exam over for times

Experimental design

Gregor studied genetics by combining to different kind of pea plants and found out that traits past down to the next generations.


Specific data

for every three green pea plants there is one yellow pea plant

when Mendel crossed a yellow and a green pea plant he got all yellow plant

when Mendel crossed a yellow and a yellow pea plant he got some green pea plants


The scientist that looked at Mendel's work didn't really react to it because they didn't realy understand it.


Mendel has maid a foundation in genetics because his data was accurate for example, scientist did the same experiments and had the same data.