Irvin Incredibles

J.R. Irvin Elementary Weekly Staff Newsletter - October 14th

Mission Statement

We value every student, creating an environment for all to be successful!

Josh's Jabber

I hope the rain doesn't ruin your Friday plans. Thank you so much for working hard this week. We strive to provide a positive environment for not only the students, but for you as well. I love working at Irvin with all of you!

Let's keep looking to highlight our colleagues. Pens and notecards are in the lounge by the Brag Board. It's the magnet board on that first wall by the door. Write a shout out to a colleague on the hands provided and display it on the board!

Students of Character. Grade levels/Enrichment, please submit new SOCs with written blurb by Friday, Oct. 21st. We'll come around and highlight them the next week and update the SOC board in the foyer on Nov. 1st.

Instructional Focus

* The grading period ends on Friday, Oct. 21st. Grades should be updated and remember that parents should not have any "sticker shock" when they get the report cards. Parents should already be aware of any student struggles.

* Please make sure you are keeping data on your students you see during RISE time. I'd document the activity and how each student progressed. We want to be able to make sound, data-driven decisions in SAT meetings when determining student need for tiers.

* Challenge your G/T & bright students in the classroom during lessons. How can you have them go above and beyond their learning of a concept that is easy for them?

* A great thing I saw on my campus visit on Tuesday was Knows/Need To Knows. Before you start a unit or concept, make this T-Chart and ask students what they already know about what they are going to learn. Then have students discuss things they would like to know while studying it. Keep it up throughout the lesson or unit and make sure all of those "Need to Knows" get answered.

* Genius Hour. We are all still feeling our way through Genius Hour. Have intentional, continuous discussions on what the students want to learn about. I would challenge them to have a research aspect and a creation aspect within it. At the conclusion of their topic, how could they present what they learned and how their "Essential Question?" Just because it's "Free Learning," it doesn't mean there isn't a level of accountability.


“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.”
Sydney J. Harris

Where is Mr. R?

Monday: Off campus at T-PESS Training.

Tuesday: Off campus at T-PESS Training.

Wednesday: On campus.

Thursday: Out for the morning to Principals' Meeting.

Friday: On campus.

T-TESS Focus

This week's focus is Dimension 2.1: Achieving Expectations - We will spend at least two weeks on this particular dimension. The teacher supports all learners in their pursuit of high levels of academic and social-emotional success.

A proficient rock star teacher:

  • Sets academic expectations that challenge all students
  • Persists with the lesson until there is evidence that most students demonstrate mastery of the objective.
  • Addresses student mistakes and follows through to ensure student mastery.
  • Provides students opportunities to take initiative of their own learning.

We will be looking for:

  • High, challenging expectations
  • Mastery of the objective
  • Student mistakes/self-corrections
  • Student initiative/self-monitoring

Questions to think about:

  • How will you obtain evidence that most students have demonstrated mastery of the objective?
  • How will students take initiative for their own learning and self-monitor their progress?
  • What opportunities do you provide for students to set high social-emotional expectations for themselves?
  • How do you anticipate student mistakes and/or misunderstandings? What types of common learning pitfalls do you generally see with this lesson/unit?
  • When you know students will struggle with what is presented, what do you do?
  • What types of strategies do you use to keep students motivated and focused?

Please let us know if you want to discuss any of these areas for additional clarification or if you need some ideas on how to try something new in your classroom. We're here to support you!

Dyslexia Resources

Thanks Erin for sharing these resources!

Dyslexia and Math

Dyslexia Accommodations

Stacee's Shoutouts

Genius Hour-

Thank you all for being flexible on our learning journey of Genius Hour! This week went much better, but after talking to some of you I went and found the following three rules that will help focus students. I'm also including a project proposal template I found that would allow students to plan for next week. We'll get there! Thanks to the many of you that moved around the campus and offered a visual teacher presence. We appreciate it!

Where is Mrs. J?

Monday - out at admin

Tuesday - on campus

Wednesday - on campus

Thursday - on campus

Friday - on campus

Something To Think About

As people, and especially as educators, we either carry a hammer or a match. One is to build and one is to destroy. You can justify positives & negatives with both, but ultimately hammers are to help in creation, while a match is used to destroy something. How do you approach each interaction with students and even other adults? I would much rather witness the magnitude of social and intellectual development than to sift through the rubble of charred ideas. A hammer or a match. Which do you carry?

"Those who don't build must burn." -Fahrenheit 451

Upcoming Dates

  • October 15 - Fall Festival at the stadium
  • October 18 - Vertical Teams Meet 3:30
  • October 19 - 5th Grade meet with Chandler

  • October 25 - Data Meeting during Conferences (J&S will come to lead teacher's room)
  • October 26 - Second grade meet with Schuster to discuss CBA
  • October 26 - Fire Drill
  • October 26 - Data Meeting with Leadership on Conference
  • October 28 - 4th Grade Field Trip
  • October 28 - Red Ribbon Pep Rally at 9am
  • October 28 - Zootopia Movie Night (PTV)

  • October 31 - Fall Party (students wear costumes-no face paint)
  • November 1 - Staff Meeting 3:15pm
  • November 2 - Fire Drill
  • November 2 - Meet with Chandler on conference to discuss your writing samples
  • November 3 - Picture Retakes

  • November 7 - Field of Readers pm
  • November 8 - Urban Air Day
  • November 8 - Site Base Committee Meeting
  • November 8 - Grade Level Meeting with J&S 3rd and 5th grades on conference
  • November 9 - Grade Level Meetings with J&S K,1,2 and 4 on conference
  • November 9 - Little Mermaid
  • November 11-Veteran's Day

  • November 15-Campus SATs
  • November 15 - Vertical Team Meetings 3:15pm
  • November 15 - STEAM Night
  • November 16 - Loved One's Lunch
  • November 17 - Loved One's Lunch
  • November 17 - PTV Meeting 6:30pm
  • November 18 - Last day before Thanksgiving Break!!!!!!!