Consumer Bill of Rights

By: Avery Wrage

As a consumer you have rights and responsibilities.

You have the right to be informed.

This right states that businesses should always provide customers with enough appropriate information to make intelligent and informed product choices. Product information by a business should always be right and truthful. You should always read the product information when buying a product. One example would be false advertising. If you go and buy a product that was falsely advertised, and it doesn't work, it is the company's fault.

You have the right to choose.

This right states that you have the right to choose between, products, stores, and companies. You can choose what store you want to go to, or what product you buy. Nobody can force you to go to one store, and buy one product. You get the right of choice. One example is you can choose if you want to go to Walmart or Hyvee.

You have the right to be heard.

This right states that you have the right to voice your complaints and concerns about a product. If there is something wrong with the product that you bought, then you can write a complaint. One example would be if your earbuds didn't work, then you could write a letter to the company.

You have the right to education.

This right states that you have the right to acquire knowledge and skills needed to make informed, confident choices about goods and services. One example of consumer education is through school. Many schools teach kids about consumer rights and basic shopping and trading skills.

You have the right to service.

This right states that as a consumer, when shopping, buying, or trading, you get treated with respect. Have you ever heard of the saying, " the customer is always right." That is an example of the right of service.

You have the right to safety.

This right states that products should cause their users no harm. Your responsibility is to use the product right. If you get hurt by not using the product as directed, then it's your fault. One example of this is if you are standing in water while plugging in your hairdryer and get electrocuted, it's your fault.