Ewalt News

October 5, 2018

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Procedures by Faith Magruder

It’s Faith here with a serious topic.

Parents have been sneaking kids between cars at pick-up time. Please remember that we need to use the crosswalk. Also nobody should be parking in the pick up lane. The lane that is the closest to the school is for pick up and drop off only. If you park your car and then get out, the other cars can not pass you. If you need to get out of your car you need to pull into a space. In the morning and afternoon remember to wait until you’re at the cones before your kids can get out. It would be scary if someone ran over kids.

Greyhound of the Month by Hayden Murphy

Every mom and dad thinks their kid is special. And trust me, they're right! So we decided to show everyone else that too! Kids are being recognized for being special Greyhounds. Don’t forget everyone is still special, but sadly we will only recognize 1 or 2 from each classroom every month. If your not picked now, keep working and you might be picked later. In case you can’t see your child in person, you can watch the assembly here! Don’t forget to say congrats to the Greyhounds of the Month!

Congratulations to the following students for being recognized as Greyhounds of the Month for September. Conner Raine, Haven Kilgore, Bowen Rapp, Cystal Davis, Hamptyn Gull, Connor Rebel, Zander Miller, Sophia Ewing, Kian Berg, Liberty Fulton, Riley Humbargar, Brody Benington Riddick Berry, Emma VanBuren, Audrey Ponce, Broc Atchison, Sophie Williams, Dominick Cortez, Vaughn Tennyson, Kailyn Howard, and Payton Pressnell. The video by Hayden Murphy from the assembly is below.


Box Tops For Ewalt by Chloe Cotton

PTO is collecting Box Tops. Each box top is worth 10 cents and the money is used to help purchase playground balls and other items for the school. Every class that brings 100 box tops in 1 month gets an extra recess. There are also prizes each 9 weeks for the class in each hallway that collects the most box tops. Brody Chappell, 3rd grader, in Mrs. McCoskey's class has been bringing in a LOT of box tops. Brody's video is below.

Ewalt Student of the Month

When 5th grade teachers think of a district student of the month, Alycia is one of the first people who come to mind. She is a true example of what a district student of the month should be, and she is well deserving of this honor. She is exceptional in her work ethic, her ability to show compassion and empathy, and her determination to get things done. We are very proud of Alycia, and know that as she gets older, these characteristics will take her far in life. It is a pleasure to have Alycia at Ewalt!
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ESCO Officer/Representatives by Gabrielle Rettig

These are your ESCO officers. Ewalt ESCO president is Cade Camac! Your ESCO vice president is Hobbs Hutchinson! Treasurer is Alycia Baca! Recorder is Nancy Lin! They want to help in any way they can,like fundraisers, community support, and get new things for your Ewalt school. If you have an idea of how to help your school tell them or your ESCO teacher sponsors Brenda McCoskey and Shelly Dunsmoor!

Class Representatives are: In 5th grade, Mrs. Cousineau’s class we have Bracey Golden, Kailyn Howard, and for Alt. Madelyn Hallman. Also in 5th grade, Mrs. Puckett’s class we have Rylan Fox, Sarah Timberlake, and for Alt. Nineve Valente. In 4th grade, Mrs.Fenno’s class we have Vaughn Tennyson, Zailyn Cortez, and for Alt. Sophie Jester. Also in 4th grade Mrs. Harrison’s class we have Cale Wills, Sophie Williams, and for Alt. Adrian Baca. In 3rd grade ,Mrs. Long’s class we have Luke Rivera, Emma Stroda, and for Alt. Audrey Ponce. Also in 3rd grade, Mrs. McCoskey’s class we have Gavin Bryan, Emma VanBuren, and for Alt. Chase Rawlings.

They feel like the can help our school and they feel responsible and kind!

Kindness Spotlight

Our September Kindness Spotlight is shining on 2 students:

Jayden Fenno - Mrs. Martin nominated him because while in library, Jayden quietly moved to another seat when 2 students wanted to sit in the last remaining chair at one of the tables.

Addy Huelskamp - Addy was also nominated by Mrs. Martin because she pushed in all of the chairs at her table when everyone else left to line up.

Thank you Jayden and Addy for the kindness you showed to Mrs. Martin and your classmates. We are proud to have such thoughtful Greyhounds at Ewalt.

Picture Day by Chloe Cotton

Wednesday, Oct 10,2018 is picture day. We want your students to look the best they can. Pictures will be taken starting at 8:00am in the gym. If you want to purchase pictures you need to turn in your order form to the classroom teacher by that day or order them online. If your student was absent that day then on Wednesday, Nov. 14th they can have their picture taken on picture retake day. If you do not like the picture that they come home with then you can have it retaken on that day too.

Dream Big Assembly by Hayden Murphy

Attention Parents! We have a super important assembly coming up! It’s a Dream Big assembly, and we have a super special guest coming! Her name is Mollie Beaver, and I can’t wait to see her! If you were at the Volleyball game at Wichita State on Sunday, September 23rd, then you might have heard her sing the National Anthem. She has a amazing voice, and she is all about teaching us to work hard to be whatever we dream to be. So she’s coming to help us! Have a good day, always dream big, and go to Whenyoudreambig-weebly.com for more info!

ESCO's e-Mart Store Opens Soon by Chloe Cotton

Oct 12 is the day E-mart opens. ESCO members run the store. The store opens at 7:30am and closes at 7:55am. Most things cost between $1 and $3 so make sure that you are bringing money. We have a store because ESCO raises money to help our school and community.

Halloween Parade by Faith Magruder

Greyhounds, Halloween is coming up! Make sure your costume is school appropriate. If you are not sure, bring your costume to school and ask your teacher. Get excited, with Halloween comes the Halloween parade! We will parade around the school and outside starting at 8:10 if the weather is nice enough. Remember Greyhounds, no masks that cover your face, or solid face makeup because you will have to take it off after the parade and we want to see who you are. Have a happy HOWL-oween s-s-scary Greyhounds!

Upcoming Events

Events for October

2nd - Watch Dog Dad - Joel Gallegos

  • Mrs. Watkins Birthday

4th - ESCO Meeting @ 3:30

  • Watch Dog Dad - Paul Banks

5th - Watch Dog Dad - Zeke Jones, Gary Atherton and Chris McNutt

  • 5th Grade Field Trip to Tanganyika
  • 2nd Grade Field Trip to see Junie B. Jones

8th - Watch Dog Dad Colby Sparrow

9th - 4th Grade to Field Trip to Water Festival

  • PTO meeting @ 6pm

10th - Picture Day

11th - Ms. Kepler's Birthday

12th - ESCO eMart is open 7:30am

  • Kdg Paws Party at Shyrock Park - 12:15
  • 2nd Paws Party at Shyrock Park - 12:45

15th - No School

16th - 1st grade field trip to the Pumpkin Patch

  • Watch Dog Dad - Garrett Cody

17th - Mrs. Cousineau's Birthday

  • STEM Day

18th - Book Fair Opens

  • 3rd Grade Field trip for Ag Day

19th - ESCO eMart is open 7:30am

  • 1st Grade PAWS Party at Shyrock Park - 9am
  • 3rd Grade PAWS Party at Shyrock Park - 1pm

20th - Mrs. Nusz's Birthday

22nd - Watch Dog Dad - Will Ponce

23rd - Red Ribbon Week Starts

  • Mix it up lunch
  • Katie Ward's Birthday

24th - Conferences

25th - No School - Conferences

26th - No School

30th - Mrs. Puckett's Birthday

31st - Halloween Parade - 8:10am

Events for November

1st - ESCO Meeting - 3:30pm

  • Food Drive for the Caring Center Begins

2nd - ESCO eMart is open 7:30am

  • Splash - Mrs. Laing's Class @ 8:30am
  • Splash - Mrs. Dunsmoor's Class @ 12:30pm

4th - Mrs. Filbeck's Birthday

  • Daylight Savings Time - Set your clock back 1 hour

8th - Mother/Son Night 6:30-8pm @ Andover Farha Center behind the Y

9th - Splash - Mrs. Laing's Class @ 8:30am

  • Splash - Mrs. Dunsmoor's Class @ 12:30pm

12th - No School - Veteran's Day

  • Ewalt Presentation to the School Board - 6:30pm

13th - PTO Meeting - 6pm

14th - Picture Retakes

15th - 3rd Grade to Symphony

16th - Math Olympics Fund Raiser

  • Watch Dog Dad Travis Tennyson
  • Splash - Mrs. Laing's Class @ 8:30am
  • Splash - Mrs. Dunsmoor's Class @ 12:30pm
  • Food Drive for Caring Center Ends

20th - 2nd Grade Stone Soup

21st-23rd - No School - Thanksgiving Break

26th - Site Council Meeting - 6pm

  • Watch Dog Dad Ty Rebel

28th - Greyhound of the Month Assembly - 8am

30th - Watch Dog Dad Pete Bodyk

  • Splash - Mrs. Laing's Class @ 8:30am
  • Splash - Mrs. Dunsmoor's Class @ 12:30pm