Chisholm Ridge Wranglers Weekly

February 19-23, 2018

CRES Mission Statement

Wrangler pride is working together to reach our goals in learning and life.

Life Principle of the Week: Perseverance

Perseverance- ability to persist or continue striving to the end

“If you can’t fly, then run. If you can’t run, then walk. If you can’t walk, then crawl. But whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward. -- Martin Luther King Jr

The man who removes mountains
begins by carrying away small stones.”
-Chinese Proverb

This Week at The Ridge

Monday- Regular Schedule. Wear your APEX t-shirt with jeans! (Will be distributed Monday) APEX Pep Rally in gym @ 1:30. TELPAS Calibration at 3:00 in Lab B.

Tuesday- PLC meetings today. Follow agendas to analyze Mid-Year Data or Benchmark Data. Remember to enter discussions, data, and decisions in OneNote. APEX team meetings begin. COGAT testing for 2nd grade begins.

Wednesday- Regular Schedule. Wellness Wednesday! Have you signed up for your massage? APEX team meetings continue.

Thursday- Regular Schedule. Dr. Chadwell on campus.

Friday- Regular Schedule. Wrangler Round-Up at 7:35. Mid-Year LPAC meetings in conference room. Ballard Dental Presentation to K-2 @8:30 in cafeteria.

Teacher To Do List:

1. Complete STAAR modules.

2. Attend a TELPAS calibration. (February 19).

3. Bring Mid-Year/ Benchmark data to PLC. Have strategies ready to address areas needing growth. See agendas.

Upcoming Events

March 1- APEX run

March 2- Read Across CRES, Dr. Seuss' Birthday, Dress-Up as your Favorite Book Character, 5th Grade to TCC.

March 5- STAAR Security Training @ 3:00-4:15. All staff must attend!

March 6- 3rd Grade to Eagle Mountain Park, Elections on campus. Gr. 4TELPAS Listening/ Speaking

March 7- Honor Choir to Festival, Gr. 5 TELPAS Listening/ Speaking

March 8- Multi-Cultural Day, 2nd Grade Performs, Open House @6:00.

March 12-16- SPRING BREAK!

March 20- Gr. 2 TELPAS Listening/Speaking

March 21- Gr. 3 TELPAS Listening/Speaking

March 22- 3rd Grade performs Mighty Minds, STEM Showcase

March 27- Career Day/ Dress-Up

March 30- Good Friday/ Bad Weather Make-Up Day/ Report Cards go home

Shout Outs!

  • To Vanessa for running a flawless Benchmark all the while not running at 100% physically!

  • To Jill, Stacey, and Saundra for flexing for make-up benchmarks.

  • To K-2 teachers for adjusting schedules for three days in a row!'

  • To Elyssa and Rosa for running the office smoothly when short-handed!

  • To Dana Gilliland for serving our students so well for so many years! You will be missed!

  • To Barb, Donna, Stephanie, Jill, Stacey, Saundra, Elyssa, and everyone else who covered the cafeteria in a week of lunchroom monitor shortages.

  • To all the amazing cooks and shoppers who kept us fed all week!

February Birthdays

2/2- Patricia Tribble

2/4- Jessica Rogers

2/5- Natasha Provo, Courtney Wimberley

2/16- Jana Price

2/18- Mallory Bownds