Basket Ball Close Game Alert

By: Shrenik Bhatt


As we move on through the second quarter of the game, we can see the points have actually intersected. These two ball players are still going on to win but there can only be one winner... So who will have more points after shooting 30 shots?


In this flyer, we had to use some variables to make calculating easier. We have used x for shots taken and y for points scored.
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The Graph

As you can see, we have created a graph which shows the shots taken and the points scored by each player. (Kobe in blue and Derrick in red). As you can see, Derrick has started off with his 8 points which he scored in the first quarter and Kobe is fresh on the court. Surprisingly, none of these players have missed a single shot.
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The Charts

For all you math fanatics out there, we have created two wonderful charts to show the points scored. Time to do some math!! As you can see, Derrick has a very big lead over Kobe at the beginning, a lead of 8 points! Also, he gets 2 points for every shot he scores. This means that his equation would be y=2x+8. On the other hand, Kobe starts with 0 points but he scores 3 points. This means that his equation is y=3x.

The point of Intersection

To find the point of intersection, we need to substitute y in the second equation for 2x=8.




Now to ind the amount of points that will be scored at the same time.





Therefore, both players will have 24 points after 8 shots.

Now for The Solution

This linear system is extremely important as it shows us which player has more points and their predicted scores. These scores help us judge a players performance as well as predict who is better and will win competitions.

Since we know Derrick and Kobe both have linear equations for their shots and points, we can substitute 30 for x. So y=2(30)+8 and y=3(30).

Therefore Derrick would have 68 points whereas Kobe would have 90 points. So Kobe Bryant wins this competition.