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What is Bathmate pump ?

Bathmate is the Best Penis Enlargement Pump in the world and has been sold worldwide for the past five years. The reason for the Bathmates success is simple: It Works! You gain a making for rock hard, long lasting erections and increased sexual pleasure. thanks to the innovative design of the Bathmate pump.

The Bathmate range consists of Three products, Bathmate Original, Hydromax X-Series and Hydromax Xtreme-Series as well as a wide range of accessories to help you with your gains. Each product comes with a standard 60 day money back guarantee.

So what is the difference between air and water in this context?

Air is spongy and compressible, which means if you create a vacuum inside a tube with air, the air that remains simply spreads thinner inside the tube. This means the penis can expand unevenly, creating possible bending and bulging of the penis.

Water on the other hand is incompressible, so when water is pumped from a sealed tube around the penis, the water cannot spread out to help fill the gap and that means the penis must expand to fill the full volume of water removed. As water is incompressible it forms a solid cushion around the penis, allowing for uniform expansion without bending or bulging.

This is why when using water as the vacuum media it is far more effective and powerful than air.

How to get a bigger penis using Bathmate Hydro Pump -

Benefits of Bathmate Pump

Below are the Bathmate Pump claims-

  • Get a Bigger Penis - Gain 1-3 inches of length (permanent gains).
  • Improve Penis Thickness - Many women state that the thicker the penis the more satisfying it feels.
  • Enhance Self Confidence - Be the MAN in bed you have always wanted to be! You will now be able to please your partner with confidence.
  • Boost Sexual Stamina - The bathmate will help you increase your stamina while it increases your penis size.
  • Magnify Your Orgasm - As your penis strength increases so will the intensity of your orgasms. (trust me on this one)
  • Modify That Curve - The bathmate will help you to modify that curve.
  • Expand your Penis Head - The extra growth will exaggerate your proportions for a more masculine appearance.
  • Stop Premature Ejaculation - A bigger stronger erection helps with stamina. The bathmate helps you achieve this so you can satisfy the insatiable.
  • Helps Erectile Dysfunction - The bathmate will help you fix Erectile Dysfunction.
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