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SYNERGY: Together Is Better!

Our new staff created ONE WORD for 2022.



We will help ALL students reach their social, emotional, and academic potential.



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Last Message From Mr. Zotos...

Dear Sequoyah Family,

Someone once told me: “wear out, don’t rust out.” There are those who think we should never stop working, lest we deteriorate fast! So, we should keep going as long as possible. Since announcing my retirement, I knew that I wasn’t retiring ‘from something’ but ‘to something.’ There are many years of excitement and fun ahead of me as a Realtor and Leadership Coach… (see 'Our Team') and (sorry for the shameless advertisement). That’s right, just retiring from education NOT working…I’m too young, LOL!

I want to express my sincere gratitude and love to the entire Sequoyah community (students, staff, and parents) for these past 16 years of joy. I think of the ‘Parable of the Pencil,’ which fits this memorable occasion in so many ways. The pencil maker took the pencil aside just before placing it in the box. "There are five things you need to know," he told the pencil…"before I send you out into the world, always remember these five things and you will become the best pencil that you can be."

1. You will be able to do many remarkable things, but only if you allow yourself to be held in someone else’s hand.

2. You will experience a painful sharpening from time to time, but you’ll need that in order to become a “perfect” pencil.

3. You will be able to correct any mistakes you might make.

4. The most important part of you will always be what’s inside.

5. On every surface, you must leave your mark. No matter what the condition, you must continue to write and make your life memorable.

The pencil understood and went into the box with purpose in his heart. The one sum that can never be calculated so easily is measuring the contribution each of you has made on me and Sequoyah. Being Sequoyah’s principal has been a wonderful position of great trust, love, and responsibility.

I do not believe retirement is the end of a line. Retirement should be a happy time - a creative time like every other stage of life. It is a period when you can do the things you always wanted to do but hadn’t time to do because of “work.” It is a time for enjoying family and reviving friendships – it is a time for talking, thinking, and reflecting. A colleague sarcastically told me that, “when some people retire, it’s very hard to be able to tell the difference.” And while that may be true…the person who can’t figure out what to do on a Sunday afternoon is often the same person who can’t wait for retirement.

The Indian philosopher Tagore had wise words which echo and challenge this experience for each of us. "I thought that my voyage had come to its end at the last limit of my power, - that the path before me was closed, that provisions were exhausted, and the time had come to take shelter in silent obscurity. But I find that they will not end in me when old words die out on the tongue, new melodies break forth from the heart; and where the old tracks are lost, new country is revealed with its wonders."

You can tell a lot about a person when you know what his or her attitude to time is. There is no past really, except in our memories. And because the future only exists in our imagination, all we really have is the present. From now on, I can drink coffee on my own time!

I’m blessed and honored to have served our Sequoyah community for the past 16 years and 24 years in Chippewa Valley. The Sequoyah staff is truly the backbone and cornerstone to our Sequoyah foundation and unsung heroes to so MANY Thunderbirds that need daily guidance, a listening ear, and love. I respect you GREATLY as dear friends and cherished colleagues. Your tireless work ethic and dedication to excellence are admirable and respected traits.

Lastly, please protect, care, and support each other as a Sequoyah community...LOVE yourself, others, and what you do...have the COURAGE to challenge the practice or process...SERVE by helping and adding value to others!

With great admiration, love, and prayers!



Founding Sequoyah PrinciPAL Forever

COVID-19 Guidelines

Updated 3-30-22

Sequoyah Calendar

Updated weekly and subject to change...

IMPORTANT EVENTS...see bolded items below for additions/changes every Monday after 5PM, so please check back weekly!

  1. Summer Learning Resources 1 & 2 (look above at the great summer learning fun)...
  2. Senior Farewell on 6/13/22 @ 2:00PM-3:30PM.
  3. 5th Grade Completion Ceremony on 6/14/22 @ 7:00PM (doors open at 6:30PM).
  4. Kindergarten Completion Ceremony on 6/15/22 @ 10:30AM (doors open at 10:00AM).
  5. Report cards sent home on 6/15/22.
  6. Welcome to Sequoyah Elementary Mrs. Gabriel...where all your dreams come true!
  7. Zotos out! Thank you for the wonderful and lasting all have enriched my life and made me a better person in so MANY ways!

PTO News and Events

Science Olympiad County Championship Results

On May 14, our Science Olympiad team competed in the Macomb County championship and as a team they earned a very respectable 9th place finish. Individual medals were also earned in the following events...

7th Place-Crime Busters- Claire V. and Maddie B.

6th Place-A is for Anatomy-Avery B.

5th Place-Zowie Estimation- Caroline B. and Jack N.

3rd Place-Rock Hound- Zoe C. and Alaura P.

2nd Place-Water Bottle Rockets- Riley S. and Owen M.

1st Place County Champs-Reflection Relay- Sofia D., Paige H., and Grayson M.

1st Place County Champs-Simple Machines-Caroline B. and Jack N.

Congrats to all of our team members, Teegan T., Paige H., Owen M., Allison N., Avery B., Vinnie M., Claire V., Zoe C., Caroline B., Sean R., Sofia D., Maddie B., Alaura P., Grayson M., and Riley S. We would also like to thank our coach, Mrs. Flemming, and all of the parent volunteer coaches who put in countless hours towards the team's success. Thunderbirds are the best!

Thunderbird Three Heroes-MAY 2022

Throughout the year, we place emphasis on teaching our behavior expectations or in student friendly terms, the Sequoyah Thunderbird Three: Safety, Respect, and Responsibility. We have created a recognition program called the Thunderbird Three Heroes, to celebrate students who are making or displaying an exceptional effort in following the Thunderbird Three. Our staff members have selected these students to receive this honor for consistently following the Thunderbird Three and serving as role models for other students. Congrats to our Thunderbird Three Heroes!
Pictures coming soon...Michael M., Amenia M., and Zoey C. Congrats to ALL of our winners!

Thunderbird Three Heroes-APRIL 2022

Not pictured...Ian S., Logan F., and Lola J. Congrats to ALL of our winners!

2022 Bookmark Contest Winners

Congratulations to our 2022 bookmark contest winners. Students were asked to design a bookmark that went with our reading month theme, Reading Bring Us Together. A winner was selected from each grade level. All winners had a special lunch with Mr. Zotos and their bookmarks with be displayed in the library for one year. We are very proud of these Thunderbirds!

Moley Candy Limo Ride Winners

Students who won the Morley Candy limo ride were treated to a day of fun at Cutting Edge gymnastics, Red Robin for lunch, Dairy Queen and 7-11 for treats, and Morley Candy for a tour of the factory. Congrats to all of our winners!

Register now for the 2022-2023 school year

Registration for the fall is taking place for all grade levels. New residents, those wanting to re-enroll in our schools, and parents wanting to enroll a new kindergarten student should visit our website and click on the blue New Student Registration pop-up to begin their online registration.

Register early to secure a spot at your neighborhood school. Please remind any new neighbors that it’s time to register. If your child is already enrolled in our schools, there is no action needed. Should you have any questions about our online process, please call our Central Registration Department at (586) 723-2007.

Welcome new Sequoyah Thunderbirds!


FREE breakfast and lunch for ALL Chippewa Valley Students!!!

Thanks to a program extension from the USDA, Chippewa Valley Schools will now feed all children 18 years and younger for FREE through the end of the 2021-2022 school year.

Distribution will not take place during holiday breaks.

To see if your family qualifies for additional benefits,

please fill out a free/reduced application at

Family Guides: Supporting Math & Literacy Learning in 2021-2022...Click Blue Link Below

Seek Common Ground and 'Student Achievement Partners' created grade level guides to help support your child's learning in the 2021-2022 school year. Learn more about what your child(ren) should know and be able to do in math and literacy. In addition, how to reinforce learning with everyday activities, tips for talking to teachers, and online resources/games.

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