December 7, 2015

Out of the Building

I am out of the building this week. I will be available if you need anything. Feel free to email or text me. If there are any behavior concerns this week in 3rd or 4th grade, please see Mrs. Pacheco as she is covering for me this week. If there are behavior concerns in 5th grade, please see Mr. Stevens.

Thank You

Thank you for the many responses I received about my husband, Sean, being rushed to the hospital on Friday. They finally released him Friday night and has been home resting since then. We have a couple of doctor appointments this week as the ER couldn't determine if it was high blood pressure or high blood sugar that landed him in the hospital. Thank you for your support and kind words through this very scary ordeal.


This week our NWEA testing begins. Mrs. Pacheco and Mr. Winther will be able to help if there are any concerns during testing. I am looking forward to seeing the results and how much our kids have grown over the last couple of months. Continue encouraging your students to do their best!

Peer Observations

Round 4 of Peer Observations are this week. Don't forget to place your green, yellow, or red card outside your classroom. I hope you are able to participate this week! If you do, please remember to place your completed slip in my mailbox so you have credited time for an early release! If you have any questions, feel free to get into contact with me.