Environment Props

Reading Room By Katie Macebulski


Colour Pallets

Colour Pallets Insight

Since the room is so small i thought i go for a bright color scheme to brighten the room up.

I also decided to go with natural colors since it is a reading room to make it more relaxing.

Lighting Styles

late afternoon / sunset-ish

for lighting i want to do something late afternoon. when you just start turning your lights on cause its a little dark out. I want to have a mid tone blue sky with maybe a little yellow sunset color coming in to the house. i am also planing on have the two small lights in the room on.



This assignment didn't turn out exactly as how i would of liked it to. I would of liked to spend more time on making each books different instead of the same couple patterns all the time. As well if i could go back when modelling i would have change the way i did the walls. instead of extruding and keeping all the decal one mesh i would have made them all separate so it would be easier to texture. since i couldn't do them all individually i had to make a uv snap shot of each wall and bring it into Photoshop trying to make a texture to overlap it. the coloring didn't turn out to well despite have the brush at 100 % hardness. Another thing i learned was copying and transferring UV attributes didn't always work same with unfolding. Maya has a bug in it that crashes the program when i tried to do that.

i found out through google that people said it worked fine on windows which it does.