Kindergarten Newsletter.

Friday 2nd December.

The children are settled, very happy, and excited that December is here. They interact well with each other, and are thrilled to be part of the Lower School at BFS.

Math Work:

The math work continues with stations on number recognition, number line work, pattern work and number writing. The new topic is Fun Thinkers. The children will able to use fun thinkers to develop one to one correspondence, addition work and number recognition work.

Language Arts Work:

Working on developing consistent sound/ letter recognition the children practice sounds orally and are working on writing the sounds that they hear. "Monday news" is developing well and the children enjoy sharing and then writing their news. They are now more confident to sound out words to write their news. This week the children wrote thank you notes to Mr. Merwin who was the 8th grade teacher at BFS. He came into school, set up a sky lab and taught the children about stars.


Animals in winter were studied and then the children went on a walk of the campus to find signs of animals. They were excited and amazed by the wonderful outside classroom at BFS.

Gemma celebrated her 6th birthday.

Thank you for all your help to prepare the gingerbread houses. (see picture below)

Important news.

Holiday program. December12th. at 11:00 a.m. Please go to the auditorium and sit at the sides to watch the holiday performance.

Children should be dressed up in holiday colors e.g. red, green, blue etc.

After the performance If you would like to pop into the classroom and bring your own lunch and eat it with your child you are welcome, or simply pop in and visit.

Please send in things for the giving tree.

I hope you all enjoyed the Snowflake festival. The children enjoyed making the wreath for this occasion. A new tradition at BFS.

In peace and friendship.