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April 6, 2020

Dear KPMS Families,

Thank you for being patient with us as we continue to adjust to our new "normal." As outlined in the updated remote learning plan that was shared last week, teachers will continue to provide activities for students that reinforce, deepen, and build on skills that they have already learned this year. Below are a few of the key points from the letter and updated expectations for remote learning:

  • As of April 1, work assigned by teachers is expected to be completed and will count toward passing a course (credit/no credit).
  • Classes will not be "live." Remote learning is not the same as online learning. Most of the work will be self-directed and shared with students through Google Classroom. Connections with students will be maintained by email, video clips (e.g., Flipgrid), and phone calls. Teachers have the option of using a video-conferencing platform to communicate with groups of students if they are comfortable with the platform.
  • Students should be working on approximately 25 minutes of work per class each day. This is about 2 hours per week per course. (Cut this in half for classes that meet every other day.)

Again, thank you for being understanding as we work through this new territory together. Please remember that although teachers are providing due dates, the dates are meant to keep students on a suggested pace. If activities or assignments are causing stress or are taking too long, please reach out to your child's teacher(s). We will work with you to find ways to support your child's engagement in learning.

Take care,


Where Can I Find My Child's Assignments?

On each team webpage (links on the KPMS main page), teachers have gathered information about the frequency of posts, suggested due dates, and in some cases, actual assignments/activities. Please use the team page as a resource to keep your child on track. Since almost all teachers are using Google Classroom, the full assignment/activity postings are on individual teachers' Google Classroom sites. Don't forget to make sure that your child also has access to their Unified Arts classes too.

How will I Track my Child's Progress?

Teachers will still be using Infinite Campus to record completion and credit for student work. Number and letter grades will not be used for remote learning activities and assignments. Since our "grading" will be measuring participation and effort, students will receive a credit or no credit mark.

Depending on the assignment, individual feedback from a teacher to a student may appear as a comment on a Google Classroom submitted assignment. Please note that this type of feedback on Google Classroom can only be seen by the individual student.

Too Many Emails? How to Turn off Email Notifications on Google Classroom

Did you know that Google Classroom automatically sends an email notification to your child's account whenever an assignment or class material is posted? Please watch the short video below to learn how to turn off different types of notifications on Google Classroom.

Please note that these changes must be made through the Google Classroom Dashboard on your child's Google Classroom account.

How to Turn off Email Notifications on Google Classroom (for Students)

Google Classroom Tutorial

This video, created by another educator in March 2020, goes through some Google Classroom basics. It is a relatively short introduction for parents or students who are not familiar with the platform. Please be aware that in order to see all of the parts of the Google Classroom in the video, you must be logged into your child's KP school account.
Google Classroom Tutorial for Parents

Food Access Update

Regionally, families in need from any of the four districts may access food distribution provided through the Plainville and Wrentham Schools while schools remain closed:

Mondays and Thursdays, 9-11 am and 5-6 pm

Anna Jackson Elementary School, 68 Messenger Street, Plainville (gym door)

Families should drive up and open their car trunk. Staff members will deliver food directly to your car.

Norfolk Schools will make grab and go lunches available for pickup by families indicating need while schools remain closed:

Parents can contact the Norfolk Superintendent's office directly at (508)528-1225 to request grab and go meals.

Tuesdays, 9-10 am

Freeman-Kennedy School, 70 Boardman Street, Norfolk

Families should drive up to Door #4 and open your car trunk. Staff will come out to place the food bags directly into your car.

Families impacted financially can contact KP Cares through rowec@kingphilip.org for consideration for grocery store gift cards.

Food Access through Hockomock YMCA

The Hockomock Area YMCA will provide food bags to families in need at all branches.

Wednesdays, 1-2 and 5-6 pm

Foxboro: 67 Mechanic Street

Franklin: 45 Forge Hill Road

North Attleboro: 300 Elmwood Road

Drive up to YMCA branch main entrance and a staff member will come out and place a food bag in your vehicle.

Families are encouraged to access local food pantries as necessary.

Local Pantries

Norfolk Food Pantry

Emmanuel Baptist Church, 63 Rockwood Road, Norfolk

Saturdays, 9:30-11:30 (Proof of residency required)

Plainville- Living Bread Food Pantry

16 East Bacon Street, Plainville

Wednesdays, beginning at 6:00 pm (Proof of residency required)

Wrentham Food Pantry

Original Congregational Church, 1 East Street, Wrentham

Saturdays, 10:00 am - noon (Proof of residency required)

Food Pantries and Community Dinners

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