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The Way Eye See It by Antoinette R. Davis

Located in the deep South of Jackson Mississippi there’s a brown skin girl full of bitter and hatred determined to make a difference in a Jim Crow State.

Brandi has just been promoted to co-anchor for WBLT; she’s the first African American anchor for the station however she is meeting opposition when she wants to be radical instead of practical.

Everything Brandi touches seems to go bad including the love of her life Chase Ware because of her prejudices. Brandi is not trying to play by anybody's rules but her own and if that means she has to sacrifice love, friends, and family she is willing to do that.

Brandi’s father was killed by a white man in the streets of Jackson, Mississippi when she was just five years old; that sparked a fire in her that she can’t let go of. Everywhere she goes trouble seems to follow her because she only sees black or white.

There’s change in her heart when an unexpected hero saves the day and touches her right in the center of her hatred, LOVE ALWAYS WINS.

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Excerpt: The Way Eye See It

“Every time I leave this house I think someone’s going to call the police on me because I’m a black man doing something white America feels I shouldn’t be doing. I’m afraid for my life out there,” Manny points out of the window. “Those police officers could have planted drugs in my car or shot me for no reason and I would be just another black man dead.”

“Why all of a sudden you feel like a target? I don’t understand where this is coming from.”

“What, Ashley this has always been an issue! Apparently, I was hiding under a white cloud thinking this shit is all made up but this shit is real. White cops killing innocent black people, and white people killing black people just because.” Manny starts crying. Ashley has never seen her husband so upset, she walks over to him and hugs him.

“I’m afraid for my life out there Ashley. I’m a grown man and I’m scared to go out of the house because I’m black. You can’t begin to know how I feel.”

“Yes I do honey.”

“Manny pushes her arms off of him, “No you don’t.”

“You don’t think I know about color discrimination. “You don’t know what it’s like to be a black man, Ashley! “But I still face discrimination.” Manny walks away from her and into the kitchen.

Ashley follows him, “Manny I’m considered a mutt to society; I have a black mother and a white father. I can’t say Black power or power to the people or sit amongst whites and be accepted either therefore I have a struggle too you know,”

“No I don’t know, you will never understand; you don’t even have a black father to even relate to the experiences.”

“I’ve seen my share of racial profiling as well,” Ashley walks back and forth talking, “people thought my mother was my nanny and my father was her boss. My parents didn’t show affection to each other in public and when my father came up to the school to check on me; everyone stared at me and children teased me calling me the master’s child.”

Manny stops her and chuckles, “That had to be tough.” Ashley feels he’s making light of her experiences.

“You can pass but my sister and I can't. We are black and when we walk into a room everyone can see that but when you walk into a room they see what might be a white woman with a tan.”

“Manny, I identify myself as a black woman and how dare you take that away from me.”

“You get things handed to you because of your hair and your skin tone while people of real color have to work harder and be smarter to get what we want.”

Ashley can’t believe her husband’s attitude, “How dare you, I have had had to work just as hard.”

“Ashley please don’t stand here and compare your struggle to the struggle of a real black woman.”

Manny just hit a hard nerve with Ashley. Ashley’s eyes brows went up along with her voice; it hit an all-time high and her hand immediately went to her hip, “So you don’t see me as a real black woman?”

Manny doesn’t want to say anything for fear he will make things worse. “Look let’s talk about something else.”

“Oh, hell no nigga,” before Ashley knew it she had said it.

“What did you just call me?” says Manny.

Ashley can’t believe she just said it “I’m sorry; I don’t mean it as you think.”

“We are talking about race and you call me a nigga, you have lost your mind.”

( Continued... )

© 2020 All rights reserved. Book excerpt reprinted by permission of the author, Antoinette Davis. Do not reproduce, copy or use without the author's written permission. This excerpt is used for promotional purposes only.

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The Key to My Pain by Antoinette R. Davis

Have you ever shared your deepest darkest pain with someone you love and someone you thought loved you?

The Key To My Pain takes place in Baltimore City in the early to mid-seventies, when racial tension is still high from the late nineteen sixty’s riots.The family of five are living just enough with Mr. Batchler being a police officer after leaving Vietnam and Mrs. Carolyn Batchler is a loving mother and wife to three aspiring sons.

Mrs. Carolyn Batchler is in love with her husband Rodney Batchler Sr. He promised to give her the family she never had but always wanted but she didn’t know her dreams of a happy ever after would unlock doors she never dreamed of.

Rodney Batchler Jr. the eldest of the three sons, he wants to be a basketball superstar, Edwin Batchler wants to be an artist and the youngest of the three Corey is just trying to find himself.

Rodney Sr. runs his house like a jail and his family like a warden. Carolyn is forbidden to work because Rodney Sr. wants to keep her subservient and he controls his sons with pure fear.

Verbal, mental and physical abuse happens every single day in the Batchler home. There is not day Carolyn can open her eyes and enjoy the beauty of the sun nor the sound of the rain. Rodney Sr. has single handedly put her internal light out with abuse and now her sons are starting to look at their mother as weak, helpless and a fool. The abuse is not limited to Carolyn, oh no. Rodney Sr. keeps his sons in line with the same mental, physical and emotional abuse he uses for his wife.

Experiencing abuse will and can lead you to the arms of people you think you can trust until the day that person unlocks the pain you gave them the key to.

Love, Pain, Forgiveness and Hurt are all wrapped up in this 230 page novel. Follow the journey of the Batchler family as they discover life through tainted vision.

Message from Antoinette

I dedicate this novel, The Key To My Pain, to every person who has ever witnessed domestic violence and to everyone who has shared their pain with a person they trusted and loved only to have them use your deepest darkest pain to hurt you. You can’t trust everyone with the key because they will unlock doors you have closed.

Listen to a reading from The Key To My Pain:

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Will somebody get the front door,” yells Chetta. The housekeeper is making up the beds and doesn’t hear the door so Chetta walks out of the kitchen to get the front door.

Chetta opens the door, “Hello.”

“Hello my name is Carolyn Batchler and I am...” Before Carolyn can finish introducing herself Chetta cuts her off.

“I know exactly who you are; please come in.” Carolyn walks in and looks around.

“Let me take your coat and have a seat.” Before Carolyn can take her coat off and have a seat Rodney Jr. walks down the staircase and looks right in his mother’s face.

Carolyn remains standing, “Hello son.” Rodney stands at the bottom of the staircase in a stare.

Chetta looks at her husband, “Rodney say something you’re being rude.” Chetta whispers. It’s been twenty three years since they both laid eyes on each other and Carolyn has dreamed of this day.

Carolyn walks over to Rodney, “Hello son.” A cold chill goes up Rodney’s spine and it causes him to shake. Chetta stands next to her husband looking on at the two of them and waiting for Rodney’s response.

“It’s been twenty three years since you walked away from me and I‘ve never stop thinking about you,” tears roll down Carolyn’s cheeks as she breathes easy. “I’ve watched you play basketball all through college and the NBA; I even watched when you went to the Olympics and won a gold medal. I have a photo album full of pictures when you were featured in the newspaper.”

Carolyn looks at Chetta, “You two had a beautiful wedding.”

“Thank you Mrs. Batchler,” says Chetta. Rodney turns to walk away from his mother.

“Do not walk away from me Rodney Jr.”

“Why should I stand here and talk to you?”

“Because like it or not I am your mother. I am the women who gave life to you,”

“That didn’t seem to matter when you were letting your husband take life from me.”

Chetta steps in, “Excuse me Mrs. Batchler." Chetta pulls Rodney to the side. “This is your mother and she has come to talk to you at least hear her out. Honey this is what you need to get your head in a better space. You have spent years not living up to your full potential as a father and a husband; now is the time to get your questions answered,” Chetta whispers to him

“Rodney please talk to me,” asks Carolyn.

Rodney raises his voice,“Talk about what, why you let that man beat me, why you stayed married to a psychopath who abused you and mistreated your children while you watched and telling us it will get better and it never did! You didn’t even come to my high school graduation,” Rodney breaks down in tears. Carolyn walks closer to him and puts her arms around him.

“Get off of me,” Rodney backs away from Carolyn and leans up against the hallway wall.

Rodney’s oldest daughter walks in the house, “Mama whose car is that out front,” asked Carolyn (Rodney’s daughter)

“Carolyn come over here and meet your grandmother; your father’s mother and your name sake,” says Chetta trying to take away the awkwardness in the room.

Rodney’s daughter walks over to her grandmother wearing a big smile, “Hello grandma; I’ve always wanted to meet you.” The two of them hug.

Carolyn hugs her granddaughter tight and closes her eyes, “I can’t believe this.”

“My name is Carolyn just like yours. My father named me after you.”

Carolyn looks over at her son. Chetta rushes over to her daughter, “Come on with me let’s go upstairs and let your grandmother and your father talk.”

Carolyn (Rodney’s daughter) looks over at her father, “Dad what’s wrong?”

“Come on I’ll explain to you later,” says Chetta as she ushers her daughter upstairs.

Carolyn walks over to her son, “You named your oldest daughter after me; that must mean you don’t hate me.”

“I don’t hate you, I just don’t understand you and all that you put up with from that man. How could love him more than you love your own flesh and blood?”

“Rodney look at me, it’s time I explained my actions to you. I was in foster care from the time I was three years old. I didn’t have a family my parents died in a car crash and no one wanted me. I grew up lonely and when I met your father he gave me love and he promised me a good life and a big family. I didn’t know he had issues at the time and I didn’t have a place to run to son and I was afraid to live outside of the life he provided. I’m sorry for not standing up for myself and for my children. I realize that staying with him and tolerating his abuse damaged my children and me. I know the things that run through your mind because they run through mine too. Some days it’s all I can think about but I can’t get the years I suffered back. I press my way through and it’s been rough without you and your brothers.” Carolyn starts to cry again.

Rodney finally feels for his mother, he walks over to her and places his arms around her shoulders and they share a moment they both have been dreaming about.

( Continued... )

© 2019 All rights reserved. Book excerpt reprinted by permission of the author, Antoinette Davis. Do not reproduce, copy or use without the author's written permission. This excerpt is used for promotional purposes only.

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The Key to My Pain is available as a paperback novel, on audiobook and Kindle Unlimited ebook.

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Let The Truth Be Told (4 Book Series) by Antoinette R. Davis

Let Truth Be Told Vol 1 (Let The Truth Be Told) by Antoinette Davis

From Book 1: Claudia Ellison is straight out of Baltimore; she’s just graduated from college and ready to bring major changes to her social and financial situation however there are some missing pieces. Claudia wants a husband, a baby and a successful career but living in Baltimore, Maryland men are not plentiful and the one man her heart longs for is in the federal penitentiary and the men she’s been dating are not up to part.

Claudia befriends the new First lady of her church and leans on her for advice and guidance when her world starts spinning out of control but it seems the First Lady of the church wants to put her own spin on Claudia Ellison.

Let Truth Be Told Vol 2 (Let The Truth Be Told) by Antoinette Davis

Vol 2, This is a thrilling novel about an upstanding family enthralled with lies. Claudia just said I do to pastor Terrence Madden and saying Good-bye to her worldly way of living.

Transitioning into the First Lady has it’s challenges especially now that Claudia has a baby and a career. The Ellison family faces one obstacle after another and they are holding together by a thread. It’s going to take everyone in the family to pull together if they expect to survive.

Let The Truth Be Told Vol 3 (Let The Truth Be Told) by Antoinette Davis

We left off in Vol 2 with a new addition to the Ellison family, Constance Ellison. Hold on tight because she did not come in peace she came to take down her half-siblings with the help of a surprising source. Constance refuses to let go of the idea that her father left a will and his illegitimate child was left out of it. Constance came to get what is hers and take more in the process. Constance will touch each one of her half-siblings, one by one in an attempt to ruin them all.

Let The Truth Be Told Vol 4 (Let The Truth Be Told) by Antoinette Davis

Constance is ready to strike and the time is now. She has set everything into motion and Michael’s incarceration is just a mild technicality for her. Constance has new plans with a new love and her new lover will surely to shake the foundation in which the Ellison are standing on.

The near-death experience Phyllis had made Terrence revisit his former occupation but only this time he’s working it from another angle. Lisa is done with trying to hide her sexuality and after a few sequences of events, she steps out of the closet completely and into an unexpected love affair that has her in a whirlwind. New unlikely alliances will be formed and some truths will be told however, lies will lead to a loss of life.

Purchase the series here:

Karma: Novels by Antoinette R. Davis (2 Book Series)

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Karma: Novels by Antoinette R. Davis (2 Book Series)

View here:

Book 1: He’s independent, successful and enjoying the fruits of his labor however with all of his new found success Elston Amos finds himself in a compromising situation after a night of celebrating with the boys that leads to a deadly outcome. He is torn between doing what is right and facing the consequences or hiding behind a lie. That’s when Brenda Vander a total stranger walks into his life from out of the shadows of darkness.

Brenda decides she wants Elston for herself and she will do whatever it takes to have him. Brenda seduces, manipulates and finally pushes Elston to the end of his rope with her lies and interference into his personal life so Elston devices a plan to get rid Brenda once and for all and get his life back on track so he can marry Samantha his true love of over ten years however the plans go all wrong and now Elston is life has taken a turn he was not prepared for.

Book 2: Elston appears to be off the hook for one murder however he still harbors the truth about his future wife Miko Williams’s father’s murder. Elston cannot bring himself to tell Miko that he murdered her father for fear of losing her and his freedom. Miko tries desperately to find her father’s killer and everyday Elston watches the woman he loves become more determine for justice for her father’s murder.

Amongst the turmoil, lies and deceit Elston has created he decides to run for Mayor of Baltimore City and give back to the community he grew up.

A family crises rocks the Amos family and Elston has to deal with one crisis after another and just when he thinks his ride to City Hall will be a breeze a bitter sweet reality shakes the core of his manhood and the foundation of his marriage becomes quick sand. Elston must now face the consequences of his past actions and it all resembles KARMA.

Intimate Conversation with Antoinette R. Davis

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Creative, a dreamer, loving and helpful, those are just some of the words used to describe Ms. Antoinette R. Davis. “Nette” as she is called by her closest friends and family members, has always had a way with drama. She is a dreamer and she encourages others to do the same.

Antoinette attended Baltimore City public schools and went on to Strayer Business College where she majored in Business Management.. Antoinette stepped out on faith in 2009 and started her own business first selling artwork that’s when a friend at the time asked her to write poetry for some of the artwork she was selling and from there the writer in her was re- birthed.

In 2010, Antoinette started writing poetry on book markers, journals, planners and put together her first poetry book that included a CD of poetry to music. Antoinette shocked her family and herself when she completed a CD of spoken word entitled “A Scent Just for Her.”

All of her writings seemed to gravitate to the spiritual side in her and when asked why she simply replied, “That’s where my heart is now. It’s a pleasure writing with you in mind,” Antoinette loves to be creative and let her mind takes her and the readers places they can only imagine.

Antoinette's novels are thought provoking; she discusses issues people want to read such as domestic violence, race and love and she takes pleasure doing so. Her mother speaks to the support of her writings, “I knew my daughter was creative at an early age and I am very proud of her and the love she has for people. You can find her hidden in every novel she creates.”

BPM: It is such a pleasure to have you join us to discuss, The Key to My Pain. Describe yourself in three words.


BPM: What drove you to publish your first book or create your first series? How long have you been writing?

I have been writing 10 years now. I was going through a bad time and I needed to channel my pain into a different direction and writing helped me to do that and once I did that I wanted to help others with my writing.

BPM: Describe what you do outside of writing to expand your business or brand.

I promote through social media. I’ve done speaking engagements at centers for women and book signings and I throw parties and invite book clubs and other authors.

BPM: What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your body of work/books?

You need an editor. You cannot edit your own book no matter how careful you are.

BPM: How did you choose the genre you write in? Have you considered writing in another genre?

I chose fiction because I wanted to take people minds places, exotic places, dark places and I find that you can do that with fiction with a twist of realness.

BPM: Tell us about your most recent work. Available on Nook and Kindle?

The Key to My Pain is the title and it deals with depression and abuse in a household. It gives a story of men dealing with mental abuse from childhood to adulthood.

BPM: Introduce us to the people in the book! Give us some insight into your main characters.

Okay, Carolyn is a loving submissive wife who is being abused by her husband but she refuses to leave him. Rodney Jr. is the eldest son who is determined to be a professional basketball player despite his father’s firm stances on him not playing ball but becoming a respected professional.

Rodney hates his mother because she won’t leave the man that is tormenting the family and then there’s Rodney Sr. A big black mean son of a gun. He’s a womanizing whore, LOL. He has women all over Baltimore and the babies too. He even slept with the neighbor and her sister. When he walks into the house so does the devil and if you don’t talk right or look at him right you’ll catch a right and left hook.

BPM: What's so unique about their story-line or voice in the story? What makes each one so special?

The uniqueness is the hurt and pain and then the overwhelming forgiveness. I would have to say Carolyn holds the voice in the story because she has to get up and find herself and then when she does she has to go back to the thing that hurt her and forgive.

BPM: Share one specific point in your book that resonated with your present situation or journey.

I witnessed my mother be abused and I felt helpless and angry with her for not leaving. I would lie in bed and wonder why we are here. I was mad at her. I vowed never to be that foolish, oh but I was. Let’s just say I’ve learned to respect the power of love.

BPM: Are there certain characters you would like to go back to or is there a theme or idea you’d love to work with?

Yes, I would love to go back to the next door neighbor, “Ethel” she comes across as the helpful neighbor and friend however, her sister has a baby by Rodney Sr.

BPM: Have you ever received a rejection from an agent or a publisher?

No, only because I’ve never sought after one. I started self-publishing right out of the gate.

BPM: Do you ever have days when writing is a struggle? Have you ever had to deal with rejection?

Oh goodness yes, but I’ve learned to walk away and wait until it’s time. Yes, I do struggle with the writing process in many ways as a new author. In the business yes, I’ve had book stores tell me I was a nobody or I wasn’t good enough as the people who have been around for years. I’ve had book clubs reject me because I wasn’t perceived as popular as the big name authors.

BPM: Have you written any other books that are not published?

Yes, about three. I write all the time.

BPM: What projects are you working on at the present?

Currently, I am working on two, The WAY EYE SEE IT and I CAN’T BLAME YOU.

BPM: How do you stay connected with others in publishing and your readers?

Through social media, I have a Facebook page just for my readers It’s A Pleasure writing with you in MIND.

BPM: What legacy do you hope to leave future generations of readers and new writers with your writing?

WOW! I never thought about that because I am to busy thinking of my grandchildren and the legacy I want to leave them. I would say to future readers, just because the genre is fiction it doesn’t mean it’s not real. There’s a twist of realness in every fiction novel, I think.

BPM: How can readers discover more about you and your work?

On my website at

YouTube and Facebook - It’s A Pleasure writing with you in Mind,

Instagram - #Authorsworkhardtoo

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Antoinette R. Davis Instagram:

Antoinette R. Davis Facebook Fanpage:


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