Weekly Newsletter

Spirit Week!

Spirit Week arrived and we had lots of fun! I must hand it to you....your kids looked A-MA-ZING! Thank you for always supporting our activities with such dedication. Along with this fantastic celebration, we continued our investigation about buildings. Our main question was: What do the buildings in our neighborhood and in other places look like?

So, we looked at some Panamanian buildings, some international famous buildings, and we took a closer look at our school buildings.

We had some interesting small group activities linked to mathematical operations. We also learned how to built our names, letter by letter.

So as you can see, it was a exciting week!

We wish you all a fun, restful and safe Carnaval Break. See you soon!

Books, Rhymes, and Read ALouds

  • How a House is Built
  • Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site
  • Dolphin Tale (brought by Renzo!)
  • Too Much Glue!

Story Problems

I invited the children to the blocks area with a collection of manipulatives. I gave each 10 people manipulatives and a bunch of unifix cubes. We counted the people together.

I started telling them a story about how each person needed to take their backpack to school. Each unifix block represented a backpack.

I began with 5 people, and each child added 1 block to each, Then I said, "After Snack, this little boy wasn't feeling very well and his mom picked him up." As I took the "kid" away, they took the block away too. "How many do we have now?", I asked. They counted again and gave me their asnwers. We continued adding and taking kids away for different reasons. This way we practiced math and listening skills.

Invitation to Draw

This week we tried something new in Art. We used 4 blocks towers to inspire children to draw. Each tower was made of 2 different colored blocks. Children drew the 4 towers in different pieces of paper. It was a challenging activity! They had to choose the right colors, observe and draw. We will be displaying this deconstructed art piece in the Art Show.

Observe and Copy

Lolly sticks can be used many different ways. This week we decided to practice observing a pattern on a small card and copying it using lolly sticks. It challenged their concentration and memory, and it helps build persistence. It a fun activity you can do with almost anything. For example:

  • Take a picture of how the toys must be arranged in their rooms and paste it on the counter. Ask the children to set every thing exactly as it should be.
  • Take a picture of the dinner table set and asked them for help doing it.

This way they can contribute at home and practice too!

Making My Name

I invited the children to join me in a name game. I showed them an envelope with their name on it. I asked them to read it and we said the names of the letter out loud together. We took the letter tiles out of the envelope and explain that these letter spelled their names.Each child had to paste in the correct order the letters to spell their names. I demonstrated doing it with my name. Take a look at your little experts!

Exploring Patterns

On Thursday, we made a pattern using windows and doors on the board. I asked the children, "What comes next?" to begin our conversation about patterns. I have each child a small bag with 6 unifix cubes: 3 of one color and 3 of another. I asked them to make ABAB patterns... and they did!

To carry on with our exploration, children sat in groups of 3 and built different patterns in the Toys and Games area.

Home Sweet Home

We watched the award winning animated short film called "Home Sweet Home". It is about a house which escapes from its suburban foundations and sets off on an epic journey.

The next day we discussed the different types of houses and buildings we all have lived in. We also began an art project about "Our Homes". The kids made their homes out of recycled boxes, construction paper and extra decorations.

We will continue this project after the break.

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Dramatic Storytelling

We used masks this time to continue practicing our storytelling skills. They even had me playing the wolf!


spirit week

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Carnavales Break: 8th - 12th February. Classes recommence Monday 15th February.

Conscious Discipline Parent Workshop: Wednesday, February 17 at 11:00 a.m. - Choices

Please plan to join us in the ES conference room to share, reflect, and learn together about Conscious Discipline, the behavior management program that is used in PK and Kindergarten at ISP

Sister School Supply Drive: A friendly reminder that we are gathering school supplies for our sister school in Las Trancas. The drive ends February 19. Thank you in advance for helping support our friends at Gabriel Lewis Galindo Elementary School.

Pre-Kinder 3: 1 box of crayons and 1 package of play dough
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