One Client , One Trainer

One Goal!

Health and Safety Rules


It is essiential to provide the client with all the necesary informartion. They need to know every possible hazard that might pop up while working out. This informations are needed incase the client is injured and it will be trainer's fault for not providing the information. If the necessary isnt provided, the client is likely to get injured seriously. For example, if the client was using treadmill to work out however he had no idea on how to stop the treadmill in any kind of risk then he would be in great danger. If the trainer didnt provide him enough information on how to stop the machine then he could fly away from the treadmill, badly injuring himself. Therefore, trainer needs to tell the client how each and every eqipment works and explain the steps to carry out in any case of emergency.

Health Check

Trainer needs to also make sure he knows everything about the client. He needs to know enough information about the health of the client to know what he is working with. He should be able to plan exercises that won't effect or damage his health. The trainer should be well educated about client's health to make sure he isn't hurt or he doesn't do something that he is able to do.
Area Risk Assessment

Your fitness instructor will have to make sure that the the surrounding of where you are working is clean and tidy. They need to make sure that it is suitable for the client to work around. The surrounding shouldn't have anything that you could trip over or anything that could hurt the client. It is very important that the surrounding you are working on is clean and risk free as you are putting your client's safety in danger and you could get in huge trouble.