Newsletter Week 5 Term 4

Meeanee School 16th November, 2022


Thank you to all of those wonderful people who have responded to the School Survey sent out last week. The Board of Trustees meets in 3 weeks to go over the results and set our future direction. We value parents' thoughts and feedback about what we do at Meeanee School. We are constantly trying to improve what we do and would like your input. This survey comes out as a Google Form and should come to you via an email. If you have any issues with it please email me. The reason I use Google Forms is that it collates all of the results for me and saves a huge amount of time.

I also wanted to say thank you to those parents who turned up to the Sports Park on Monday for our attempt at School Athletics Day. With the limited availability of the park we tried to go ahead with our day. Sadly the weather beat us and we ended up heading back to school. The parents at the park were incredible in helping out. Hopefully we might be able to squeeze in a school based event before the end of the year.

We seem to have a small number of children staying home from school lately. Please ensure that your child attends school so that they can make the most of the learning opportunities provided. Inconsistent attendance makes it very difficult for your child to progress academically.

Be Kind, Stay Safe,


PB4L Weekly Goal

Our School Values are very important to us here at Meeanee School. We believe in showing Respect, Excellence, Empathy, and Perseverance. While our students are in school or sports uniform we encourage the display of these values.

This week students are focusing on putting away their sports equipment at the end of breaktimes. This is a continuation from last week as we still need to improve our efforts.
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Scholastic Book Fair

Book Fair is now officially open. Please come and have a look at the exciting range of books you can buy for your children.

In the morning 8.30 - 9am and in the afternoon 3 - 3.30pm.

Papakura Camp 2022 by Brooke (Year 7)

Camp Wellington was fabulous. We did so many enjoyable things. We started off by going to the Police museum on the way which was really fun. I learnt a lot such as how to solve cases, learn about DNA and doing fingerprinting which was an awesome experience. I really loved doing the film at Capital E watching people laugh and enjoy themselves while watching the film we made.

One of my personal favourites was the statue hunt that Mrs Mckay organized. I liked how we got to be in charge and work together with our group to go around Wellington and discover new places we haven't been. I also really liked Te Papa and going into the Gallipoli exhibition and looking at the really detailed art and interesting back story it told. The earthquake house was really fun.

I really loved games night and watching each other laugh and embarrass themselves with the games we played. The adults also took part and had fun. I really had the time of my life with the games we played and getting to know everyone. I enjoyed the pools as well and having a fun time with friends.

I really appreciate the effort Mrs Mckay put in to organize this awesome camp that I'll remember forever.

Local Employment Opportunities

The NZ Census is undertaken every 5 years, the next being in 2023. If you would like to for approximately 7 weeks part or fulltime once the children have headed back to school in February, consider a Field Collector position. I have been allocated the Nelson Park/ Meeanee/ Clive area. If you live, or would like to work in this area, please contact me for further details.

Gill Scarlett 0211485821

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Sunday Market

Taradale Sunday Market is happy to support local, and is open weekly. For more info contact or look on facebook.

Upcoming Events

  • Scholastic Book Fair - Tuesday 15th to Friday 18th November
  • PTA Mufti Day - Friday 25th November
  • Papakura at the Sportspark - Thursday 29th November
  • School Concert Evening - Monday 5th December
  • Year 8 Leavers Dinner - Wednesday 14th December
  • End of Year Prizegiving - Friday 16th December 11am (school finishes at 12pm)