The Invasion of Iraq

By: Matthew Slade

Who, What, when, where, why?

The Invasion of Iraq by the U.S.A began in 2003 because of Saddam Hussien allegedly having Weapons of Mass Destruction. Though the United States was the leading foce, many other countries were a part of the coaltion.
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During the start of the war the media mostly supported it.

The media was heavily in favor of War in Iraq. Also, the media was promoting sending troops to Iraq and labeling Hussein as a public Enemy.
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Then the media started turning on the idea of War.

Towards the ending of the War, some media sites decided to take a different route and completley reject the idea of staying in the war with Iraq. This is because images started surfacing of the "horrors" of war (dead children, dead U.S. soldiers etc.) Finally, people thought that they were losing their family members dying for "no" reason.

Bias by Omission

The medis used Bias by omission by only showing the public the positives of going to war. Also, they never said that they "thought" that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction, they said "We know". This means that they gave the public no doubt what so ever that Iraq had WMD's or not.
Hillary Clinton Iraq War Vote Speech