The Iditarod

By: Jailyn Perkins

Alaskan Landscape

Alaska is dominated by glaciers, snow and ice. at least 5% of the of the state is iced over. although it is covered in ice it has a very hilly and rugged terrain. there are four mountain ranges, makes for a very bumpy ride.

Alaskan Natives and culture

The Aleut and Eskimo are Native to the land. The natives relied on the climate and the weather, they built homes out of sod (mud, and grass). they hunted seals, otters, whales and sea Lion. the lived around fresh water.


Stretches longer than 1,150 miles, the race can take longer than 17 days. The Iditarod is the hardest and the longest sled dog race. The mushers go from Anchorage to Nome Alaska. The race originated from 1967. It is a team of at least 12 to 16 dogs.
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Sleds, sled dogs, and Mushers

Sled dogs are hooked to harness to keep them in line. The musher will stand on the sled and steer. critics clam that at least 114 dogs died in the first few years of the Iditarod. The mushers have to have rest stops to feed, sleep and prepare for the ride. Sled dogs have to have mandatory check ups
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