From Flower to Honey

By: Lily Voynov


Do you know how honey is made? Well,I will tell you the the answers.

The Origin of Honey

The origin starts from a seed. Then, the seed grows into a flower. Then, you get nectar from the flower. But you can't forget to water the flower.

The Process of Making Honey

This is how you make honey and the process of it. First, bees make a honeycomb out of wax. Then, the worker bee(s) gathers nectar and pollinate with his/her tongue. Next, they bring it back and the bees share it by chewing and dropping the nectar into the honey comb cells. Then, they fan there wings over the cells to dry the nectar out, then to turn it/change it into honey.

Interesting Facts about honey

People eat the honey comb along with the honey! Honey can be different colors depending on the flower it was made from! Most Americans eat one pound of honey each year! It takes a life time for a bee to make 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey! Even though bees have 5 eyes, they can't see the color red!


Now you know the process of flowers to honey. Honey is so sweet!
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