Ballad Poetry

By : Madesyn Byrd

What is a Ballad?

Ballad is a poem that is normally used to arrange in quatrains with the rhyme scheme of ABAB/ AABB. Ballads are usually as a form of a narrative story. There are normally four groups or four stanzas.

Brainstorming Ideas for a Ballad!!

Since the concept of love was defined, people have been writing ballads about someone special in their lives. Make sure to pick a theme for your ballad ( scandal, love, death, disaster or even current events )

Here are my Ballads.

April 20, 1999 was a day that started like any other

That morning she didn't know that her goodbye would be the last thing she said to her mother

3 weeks earlier Rachel witnessed to Eric and Dylan her faith in God

She tried to encourage them but their reactions were very odd

Rachel had this theory, that if one person could just show compassion, then it will start a chain reaction

Eric shot Rachel and thought she was dead

Seeing she was alive he lifted her head

Asking her if she still believed in god, she replied you know I do, in satisfaction

13 tears in Rachel's last drawing

Showed that a rose was growing

13 people died that day with Rachel knowing she showed the way.

Millions of people young and old have come to know that Rachel met god that day.

Another One of my Ballads.

Look up to heaven dear papa

Look up to heaven to haven and pray

Look up to heaven dear papa

For God plans to take you home today

You gave me your heart and soul the day that you were saved

You knew he was gonna use you in a very special way

He thought that you could touch the lives of all

So others would hear him and follow his becoming call