Mrs. Messner's Newsletter

News for Parents!

1. AR Goals - Please continue to encourage reading at home and remind your child to take an AR quiz at school. AR points are a large part of the reading grade on the report card.

AR Goals will reset at the start of 4th quarter ~ March 7!

2. Reading Logs - Students are responsible for completing a reading log on Google Classroom each week. They can either log on from home and type their response, or they can write it on paper and type it at school. Reading logs must be submitted by the start of school on FRIDAY.

3. Grade Cards - Grades close March 4 for third quarter. Grade cards will be sent home on Wednesday March 23.

4. Spring Conferences - If you would like to meet to discuss your child's process, please let me know! I am scheding spring conferences for the week of March 7-11. Email me ASAP to get one set up!

Dates to Remember!

March 2 - Early Release 1:15

March 4 - End of Q3 - March MATHness Round 1

March 11 - March MATHness Round 2

March 14 - 18 - Spring Break

March 25 - March MATHness Round 3

March 28 - 3rd Quarter Awards Assembly for 3-5 - 10:15am

March 29 - Science Family Fun Night

April 1 - March MATHness Championship

April 5 - Spring Picture Day



We still have more fractions to learn! Students will be learning how to divide fractions and then focus on problem solving with fractions.

Next, we will move into algebra - evaluating expressions, number patterns, and ordered pairs.


There are four benchmarks that test fact fluency (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division). Students are expected to pass 95 basic facts in 5 minutes. Many students have not yet passed - please study facts at home nightly!


We have been enjoying our module on natural disasters. We spent a few weeks learning about the science behind various natural disasters. Now we are reading literature that tells the stories of people and communities that were affected by different storms. First we read about the earthquake in Haiti, and then Hurricane Katrina . Next we will read about Hurricane Sandy.

Vocabulary - Students have 10 vocabulary words per week and should be studying nightly. The vocabulary words for the next couple months are being pulled off of a 5th grade science glossary; words 5th graders should know in order to be proficient on the science MAP.

Science & Social Studies

We just wrapped up our quarter by studying force & motion, and simple machines. Since we took our end-of-quarter test already, we will spend the last week of the quarter doing some lab experiments and science MAP review.

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