Chandler AVID Newsletter

November 2021

Happy Thanksgiving!!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I want to express my gratitude to everyone in our AVID community. Thank you to Mr. Franklin and Mrs. Templeton for being supportive administrators. Thank you to Mr. Cartagena, Mrs. Komitzky, and Mrs. Bridinger for being inspiring colleagues. Thank you to the parents and families for supporting your student and for trusting us with your kids. And most importantly, I am so grateful for our AVID students. Thank you for your perseverance and your dedication to achieving your dreams. I believe in each and every one of you!!!

Let's finish this semester AVID STRONG!!!


Heather Dyke

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Volunteer Service Hours Opportunity at Feed My Starving Children

We have another opportunity for our AVID students to give back and volunteer at Feed My Starving Children on Saturday, December 4th from 11:15am to 1:15pm. We need one adult for every 4 students, so I encourage students AND PARENTS to sign up. If you want to choose who you work with at the event, sign up in the same Group #. Please contact Mrs. Dyke with any questions.

Please click on this link to sign up:

AVID students collect 179 cans for the Chandler Care Center!!

Our Chandler AVID students collected 179 cans of food to donate to the Chandler Care Center to help with their annual Thanksgiving Family Assistance Day. Way to go, AVID!!!

AVID WICOR Strategies for Chandler Teachers

1. Socratic Seminar (Collaboration)

The Socratic method of teaching is a form of inquiry-based discourse focused on questioning to spur critical thinking and drive ideation. It is through exploration, dialogue, considering new perspectives, and constant questioning that students develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Through Socratic Seminars, students develop confidence in articulating their ideas to others while providing supporting evidence with reasoned thinking.

Visit the following website for instructions on how to incorporate this strategy in your classroom:

2. Marking the Text (Reading)

“Marking the Text” is an active reading strategy that asks students to think critically about their reading. It helps students determine the essential information in a reading passage, isolating it visually from the rest of the surrounding text. While reading the text, students analyze ideas, evaluate ideas, and circle and underline essential information relevant to one’s reading purpose. With pencil in hand, students focus on what is being said in the text, leading to increases in comprehension and retention of textual material. Marking the Text can be used with textbook readings, articles, primary source materials, or classroom Cornell Notes.

Click this link to download a PDF with helpful ideas and tips to use this strategy and examples from different content areas:

AVID Freshman are learning about TIME and MONEY management

In AVID 9, students are learning the ongoing challenge of time and money management. The unit begins with students estimating, monitoring, and planning how they spend their time. The unit will then lead into money management where students will learn financial literacy. A variety of tips and strategies will be shared, so students can learn how to make choices on how to spend their time and their money wisely.

AVID Freshmen and Juniors get together for a fun Friday challenge

On Friday, the AVID Freshmen come over to visit the AVID Juniors and participated in the "Pringles Challenge". They were asked to use one can of Pringles to make a complete free-standing ring. Several groups were successful, and everyone had a good time!

AVID Club Decorates halloween cookies

On Tuesday, 10/26, our AVID Club met to decorate (and eat) Halloween cookies. ALL AVID students are welcome at all AVID Club meetings. Our next 2 meetings are scheduled for Tuesday, 11/9 and Tuesday, 11/30. We hope to see you there!

Sophomore and Junior AVID students compete in a UNO Tournament

On Friday, November 5th, the AVID Sophomores invited the AVID Juniors to join them for an UNO tournament. The winner of the winners circle final round was AVID Junior, Daniel Valenzuela!

Sophomores AVID students are problem solvers!

AVID 10 students have been working on researching their Problem/Solution Project. Students found a community or societal problem that they were passionate about, and they have been preparing research-based solutions to help bring awareness and eventual resolution to those problems. Taylor Gillette's project was about ocean pollution, and she created a visual representation of how the ocean was killing all of the wildlife by using her little brother's legos in the "ocean" of her sink. Taylor said, "This was a super fun and very educational project. I thought it was fun because it gave me a chance to relive memories from my childhood and was educational because it helped me learn more about my favorite place in the world which is the ocean. I always think that my favorite way of learning is making visual representations because it then helps me realize how people can solve that issue."

Graciela Ibarra Mejia and Tomas Ellis are Chopped Champions!

Two of our AVID students, Junior Graciela Ibarra Mejia and Sophomore Tomas Ellis competed in a district Chopped Competition and earned FIRST PLACE in the dessert round! Congratulations Graciela and Tomas, we are so proud of you!

AVID Juniors are Exploring Leadership

Throughout the 2nd quarter, our AVID Juniors are participating in a book study about the book Everyday Leadership by Miriam G. MacGregor, M.S.. They are also starting a research project about an inspirational leader of their choice. They will be writing an essay and giving a presentation about their inspirational leader in December.
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Lauren Kazaroff competes at the Cross Country State Championship

Congratulations to AVID Junior, Lauren Kazaroff for placing 26th out of over 100 competitors at the Cross Country State Championship Meet. Way to go, Lauren!


Tuesday, Nov. 30th, 2:30-3:30pm

Payne Gym, Rm 1001

Our last AVID Club meeting for 2nd quarter will be on Tuesday, November 30th. We will be writing THANK YOU cards for the faculty and staff at Chandler High to thank them for their contributions to our campus and our AVID family.