A Whole New World

Sunny Day Island

Exploring My World

Imagine living in a community blanketed by warm rays of sunshine, camaraderie, and the possibilities to carry out what is otherwise unachievable anywhere else. Imagine living a life of luxury and peace, empty of real violence and disasters. Such a community is My World, a place more amicable and (literally) magical than the real world!

My World is, despite its name, a small island in an alternate universe. It is reachable by a portal at the Arctic Ocean, open to any form of transportation! Fairly close to the sun, My World is a sun-drenched area near the Tropics of its alternate universe, which is actually similar to the more well-known universe. Having a sunny climate in the land, every My World citizen can enjoy constant sunlight however they like!

Almost anyone can relax to their fullest content, even you! You can swim in pools, climb mountains, shop for clothes, and read spectacular literature - all for an unbelievably low price! In fact, unlike the real world, money doesn't play much of a role in life; other than products and services, everything is practically free. This is because it's not as hard for citizens to fulfill any necessities and desires they have, for magic and advanced technology takes care of them all!

Just like the citizens, you'll be able to experience using magic and advanced technology for whatever you need and want! While trying out these pleasures, always remember to keep in mind that anything magic can create, money doesn't need to buy. Therefore, it's best to use money for only what magic can't make, which includes fried/barbecued/cooked food, pets, and large vehicles (magic in My World can't simply summon perfect and convenient objects and living beings).

There are various service buildings and entertainment places that you can visit, for My World has a large abundance of service buildings and entertainment places such as restaurants, malls, beaches, amusement parks, concert halls, and even Observation Towers. Each place has their own divine goods, like the malls' bursting varieties of products and the beaches' soft sand and sparkling sea. Wherever you visit, whenever you visit, you are sure to gain bright and delightful experiences!

Of course, if you are not much of an outdoor person, My World consists of many well-designed buildings that you may like to check out. Each building is more different and unique than another, so you are likely to not be disappointed. They're not only designed with disparate colors, materials, patterns, and architecture, but are internally embellished with soft and durable furniture as well. It's easy to settle down in a rental house with absolute comfort and relaxation; is it not leisuring to sit back in a comfy couch with an invigorating breeze blowing at you from an air conditioner?

You might also want to eat some great delectable food while you're at it! When it comes to My World's food, expect to see an abundant amount of American food; since American culture has a large influence on My World, it is actually no surprise to see half of My World's culture related to the American culture. However, although it is not entirely unique, the food service at My World is sure to please you with its juicy and crunchy food! My World's food largely varies from cheeseburgers and fries to steak and fried potatoes to duck sandwiches and mushrooms. They will make you drool in hunger and feel no regrets that you ever came for a meal!

Next time you get the chance, book a flight to visit the great land of My World! I promise you, you will not regret taking a trip to My World! Stop worrying about whether or not you should save up a large sum of money for the trip; every luxurious experience you'll gain in My World, from boating across seas to hitting the bed, will guarantee you that all the trouble you go through will be completely worth it!