Foundation 2 News

Friday 8th November 2013

Last week and this week we...

  • introduced our new topic 'A long time ago'
  • started to explore what we already know about dinosaurs
  • took home our first reading book
  • learnt some new sounds - m, d and g
  • pieced together dinosaur bones to create our own dinosaurs
  • painted huge dinosaurs that were the same length/height as ourselves
  • traced ammonite pictures and shaded them using earthy colours

Emerald Class

Our new topic is now in full swing and the dino-mania has begun! We started our topic by looking at how we know that dinosaurs existed....most of the Emeralds seem to have been lucky enough to have actually seen a real one! Mrs Clow only seems to know about dinosaurs from fossils that she has collected! We have been happy to look and touch the fossils though - especially the dinosaur tooth with its sharp serrated edge.

We have learnt about Mary Anning, a famous fossil finder from a long time ago, who discovered the first fossilised sea creature (from the time of the dinosaurs) on the coast of England. She came from such a poor family that she was always collecting and selling shells on the beaches of Dorset that the famous tongue twister 'She sells sea shells on the sea shore' was written about her.

In our quest to be real scientists, we have 'excavated' chocolate chips (from chocolate chip cookies!) in the same way that fossils are excavated from the ground. We have 'pieced' together the bones of many different types of dinosaurs and begun to identify the different between plant-eating and meat-eating dinosaurs. In a few more weeks we will all be experts...!

Amethyst Class

As an introduction to our new topic we thought about dinosaurs and other creatures that lived a long time ago - even longer ago than the time when all the mums and dads were born! The children knew some wonderful facts about dinosaurs and came up with some interesting questions to find the answers to over the coming weeks.

On the back wall of the classroom some huge, scary looking dinosaurs are walking around. The children lay on large pieces of paper and measured themselves, next they drew and painted a dinosaur that was exactly the same length.

The children have enjoyed taking home their individual reading books. It has been wonderful to hear the children retell the stories and describe the pictures carefully. Once a week we read the books together in small 'group reading' sessions where the children discuss the stories together.

Thank you very much, Seher (Deniz's mum) who was our first ever 'Mystery Reader'. The children enjoyed listening to a story in Turkish - and even saying some animal names in Turkish!

This week we welcomed a new friend in the Amethyst class. Leonel has joined us, all the way from Luxembourg. Please take time to welcome him and his family.

Next week we will:

  • focus on the sounds o,c,k, and ck
  • Read and do activities based on the story 'Harry & the bucketful of dinosaurs'
  • design and create herbivores and carnivores from wooden dowling
  • Cook dinosaur biscuits
  • Look after a dinosaur for a day, feeding it keeping it warm etc
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