Bosina and Herzegovion

Zanya Walker

Fast Facts




Area:14,767 square miles (51,197 square kilometers)

Main Languages: Bosnian, cantina, Serbian

Main Religion: Muslim,othodox,roman, catholic, and other command religions

distance from capital to Washington D.C: 4685.51miles ( 17545.5 kilometers)


since there are different religions there are different holidays. Muslims celebrate Ramadan (a big three day feast at the end of holy month). Also in Bosnia and Herzegovina they celebrate Christmas and Easter.

What they enjoy

They enjoy play/doing soccer, basketball, tennis, swimming, handball, bicycling,(they included that as a sport


Most popular food is pie, meat pie, cheese pie, spinach and cheese pie, cabbage, and many others. They eat a lot of veggies, onions. peppers, and cabbage. Lots of soups, stews, baklava a layered pastry treat.

Money and Economy

Bosnia and Herzegovina was already one of the poorest parts of the former Yugoslavia. The war in the 1990s only made things worse. Homes, businesses, and other buildings were destroyed. Helping people get back to where they belong and getting businesses running again are huge challenges. In some places, only half of the people are able to find jobs.

Things I would see and do

I would love to go and see all the beautiful palaces. Also go shopping in all the nice stores. Oh yeah eat there wonderful food.
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