Stop and look how I learn

this is how I learn


I learn best by being a visual learner I think this because when a teacher tells me something I ask to see what it looks like so I can understand it better.
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I learn best by doing my work hands on because I find they work is easier for me and I can find the best way to find the answer.
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Kinesthetic in multiple intelligence's means that you are body smart. so that means I am body smart.


Interpersonal means that you are people smart. So that means I am people smart.


Nature smart is that you like to be outside or like to study about nature. So this means I like to be outside and study nature because I am nature smart.

Right brain and Left brain characteristics

Right brain

  • Good at sports and art
  • Likes to act story's
  • Can listen to music and tv while studying
Left brain

  • Likes to be organized
  • Likes to read
  • Enjoys copying pictures and filling in details.
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