Ground Watta

So what is ground water.....?

Groundwater Animation

What is groundwater?

Groundwater is water held underground in the soil or in pores and crevices in rock. When water soaks through the ground it becomes groundwater-infiltration porosity. Porosity is the amount of water between soil particles.
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Porosity vs. Permeability

The porosity of the soil is the percent of the soil that is air space. Porosity affects the amount of water a particular rock type can hold and depends on a couple of different factors. The ability of the ground water to pass through the pore spaces in the rock is permeability. Porosity and permeability usually go hand-in-hand. Permeability is affected mostly by the size and arrangement of the grains in the soil.

Unconfined Aquifer

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Confined Aquifer

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Effects of depleting the water table!!!!!

When we deplete our water tables we create a ton of problems consisting of but not limited to the following;

  • Lowering of the Water Table

  • Increased Costs

  • Reduced Surface Water Supplies

  • Land Subsidence

  • Water Quality Concerns

The top ways we pollute our water

  • Acid rain
  • non-point sources
  • oil industry
  • heat

Acid Rain Pollution

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Non point source pollution

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Oil industry pollution

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Heat pollution

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