Beowulf- Part 2/3

By: Landry Jorski

"A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles". Christopher Reeve


This quote means to me that your "hero" would do absolutely anything for you or anybody else no matter the circumstances. It means that and person, any gender or any age who can find the strength in themselves can stick up for someone, can be a "hero" for any person no matter what situation the problem could be in. You are willing to do anything to make others happy.

Beowulf connection-

This quote connects to beowulf because beowulf was fearless in fighting off Grendel, grendels mom, and the dragon. Beowulf was fearless and knew it was his job to protect everyone that lived in geatland.

Connection to my hero... My mom-

This quote connects to my mom because I know my mom would do anything for me no matter what situation I could be in. She would put herself before me and my sister to protect us and even risk her own life.


Deadly Battle

The deadly battle in Beowulf reminded me of Katniss in the hunger games. Beowulf protecting his family and friends so he defeated the dragons that got in his way. Katniss in the hunger games to protected rue and took the little child under her wing and did everything in her power to keep her a live as long as possible.

Shepherd of evil

The evil dragons in Beowulf remind me of the Joker in Batman, the Joker is out for batman as in Beowulf the Dragons are out for Geatland.

Allusions to the bible

As Beowulf gives his glory to god and gets his power from the lord, the book heaven is for real popped into my head. Throughout the book there are references from the bible and intentionally going into heaven.