Track and Field

Derek Bosworth


Agility can be enhanced through many different workouts including an agility ladder which improves one's ability to change direction quickly. Agility is important for quick acceleration especially in sprinting races.


A BOSU Balance Trainer is a good way to improve balance in a variety of athletics. Balance is important to maintain proper form in several events throughout Track and Field such as Hurdles and Long Jump.


Coordination based exercises are best done during the preadolescence stage of development. Reinforcing already learned movements is most beneficial to a teen due to significant strength, speed, height and body mass change. Coordination can be achieved with simple balancing games, obstacle running, and agility exercises.


Power is especially essential for throwing and jumping in Track and Field. Exercises such as plyometrics with Lateral Box Push-Off Jumps will give jumpers the explosive jumping power that's necessary to improve jumps.


Speed is obviously important for all races in Track and Field since the goal is to be the fastest runner on the track to win the race. Improving speed can be done through short distance but high intensity sprinting workouts with small breaks between sprints.

Reaction Time

To get a quick start off the blocks to begin a race, specifically in sprinting, it is crucial to react as fast as possible to the gun being fired. Fractions of a second can cost you a race if you can't react in time. Reaction time can be improved through agility training and practicing blocks with a coach.


Healthy nutrition is one of the most important factors especially for long distance runners. Long distance runners require lots of energy to run as long as they do. Consuming plenty of Carbohydrates is necessary for supplying that energy during the race.

Mental Toughness

Pushing through pain and continue to run is the key to distance running. Distance runners have some of the most mental toughness compared to most other athletes. Most runners naturally develop their toughness by running far distances on a normal basis and pushing through their pain.