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PVE Edition 2 Text-Based Evidence

Text-Based Evidence Library Lessons

In the library we are currently focusing on text-based evidence lessons. It is interesting...every time I ask the K-1 students what I mean by text they all want to tell me how it's something you can do with your phone! That's actually an excellent connection and leads me right into instruction. We are using eBooks to instruct as it's easy for everyone to see and participate, we can point out text features and ebook features as we read, and they are books the kids have not seen before. I start the lesson by telling the kids that I'll be saying these same words over and over..."What does the text say?". We talk about how even when they infer/draw conclusions I still want them to tell me what it says in the text to make them think so (this has been hard for some kids). So far the lessons are going well...what a great group of kids we have at PVE!

What Does the Text Say??

Writing those words over and over in our library bundles made me think of that terrible song that all the kids loved last year, What Does the Fox Say? I show this video before we read the book to hook them in and have a catchy reminder of "What does the text say?"

TBE Blog Post

Here's an excellent resource for teaching TBE lessons.

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