What's New in Room 182

Mrs. Peters' 3rd Grade * October 14, 2016

Literacy choices went into full swing this week!

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Proud to be partners

Thank you so much for all of your support and a super successful start to parent conferences. I have enjoyed my conversations with each of you so far and am looking forward to meeting with the rest of you on Tuesday evening. At any time, know that you can reach out with questions, concerns, or ideas! I am truly proud to partner with you in your child's third grade education.

Mrs. Peters

Come read to us, but Shhh... it's a SECRET!

Next month, I am kicking off our "Mystery Readers" volunteer opportunity. Each Friday, we hope to host one of our parents, family members, or former teachers as a guest reader, but shh... we can't know it's you!!

More information and a sign-up page can be found here.

Please e-mail me with any questions or if alternate arrangements need to be made.

We hope to see you, or someone special to your third grader, on one of our mystery days!

Focus on the Curriculum


Due to the short week, we will NOT be working on a new prefix this week.

However, please take the opportunity at home this week to log into Spelling City and review the prefixes we've already studied. Also, now that your student has received their other logins, try out the apps and websites for extra math and reading practice!


We will continue working on regrouping and addition and subtraction word problems in class. (Here's a link to a lesson that explains regrouping, as well as a few practice problems! This is always a challenging skill to catch on to!)

Social Studies

I hope your 3rd grader has shared with you about our exciting work with communities and location so far. Find time to challenge them to name their continent, country, state, city, and other communities they belong to! Soon they will have Book Creator creations to share with you, as well. (I'll try to link them in a future Smore!) We are so proud of their curiosity and contributions to discussions!!


Book Fair - October 12-19

Time is running out! Students may continue to bring in money to shop during the school day, or your family can plan to visit on Tuesday evening!

We will NOT have regular library time this week, but students WILL be able to continue checking out Secret Library books. This long weekend is a great time to read something fun and new!

Phy. Ed. (Day 2) - Tuesday (Oct. 18) this week!

Unity Day - Wednesday (oct. 19)

Be sure to wear ORANGE to school on Wednesday as we stand together against bullying... and united for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion!

NO SCHOOL - Thursday, Oct. 20 & Friday, Oct. 21

Students also enjoyed practicing their new "Read to Someone" routine!