Shayleen Benson

Reglan, New Zealand

Getting There

My sister Paige and I are going to Reglan, New Zealand. It is a small beach town. Reglan beach is know for surfing. We are taking off from Denver International airport at 5:15 pm on July 4th 2014. We land in San Francisco at 7:00 pm, and we have a two hour layover.We take off from San Francisco at 9:30pm.Then we arrive in Auckland, New Zealand at 5:25 am. We get are blue Ford Focus rental car at the air port. Then we have to take a two hour drive down to Cambridge, New Zealand. That is where our hotel is. Our total air travel time is 18 hours and 10 minuets. Our total car travel time was 2 hours.

Where to Stay

We stayed at Huntington Stables, It's a five star luxury cottage in Cambridge, New Zealand. It has two king size beds and one twin bed. Here are some more great quality's of staying there, it has a sauna a pool a full living and dining area, has a kitchen and a bathroom and free breakfast in the morning and etc.


I am going to take a 45 minuet drive down to the Reglan beach to surf. My trip is more of a relaxing spa and surfing trip so I have a spa at my hotel and I am going to one of the best surfing beaches in the world so I am going to be satisfied and there is a shopping sister near buy so I my sister can shop and were all happy.


one thing to is there is allot of rape there it is the number 1 crime that is committed there. A solution for that is to stay close to people or stay at your resort. Another Big problem there is Security issues like getting your identity stolen your computer hacked so don't use your computer there and don't use your credit card on the trip. Make sure to bring cash.

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The reason that i chose to go there was that reglan has the best 5 surfing beaches in the world. In conclusion it was beautiful and sunny

History and culture

Moaris were the first people in New Zealand .The Maoris arrived there in about 1,000. The Moaris arrived on the islands in 7 conues. New zealand is also know for having great Kiwi's the nick name for new Zealand is " Kiwi Heaven". Their culture is largely influenced from the British culture.

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About the Traveler

I love surfing I love the beach and the sun I love spas and being able to relax. I really girly
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