The Holocaust

Night by Elie Weasel

How did camp life change the prisoners as a person? A family? And relationships with other human beings?

The camp changed the prisoners in many ways. The food was almost "dull" and there wasn't a lot of it either. Sometimes some of the prisoners went to bed with out any food to eat or soup to drink. The prisoners lost a lot of weight and strenghth. Since they had very little food they began to fight between themselves over it. They witnessed so much cruelty they began questioning if they would ever be able to survive the camps. As prioners saw more and more deaths and inhuman cruelty, they began to only look out for themselves and turned on each other. For example, near the end of the story a son punched his father and killed him for a piece of bread to eat. The prisoners no longer had hope or faith. They could no longer trust each other which changed their relationships as well. Camp changed them as families too when the soldiers tore them apart. Girls to the right and boys to the left. In the story Elie said that he would never see his mother or his little sister again once they were separated. There were no ways to contact family once they'd been separated. The sparations would be the end of most jewish families.

The 3 Themes of Night

Theme 1: Elie's struggle to maintain and make sense of his faith

Theme 2: Silence- Elie was brought up thinking or beliveing that God is not silent and will deliver but he doesnt seem to see God in anywhere in the camps and ghettos they go to.

Theme 3: Inhumanity toward other humans- Elie is greatly troubbled by how horribly people can treat each other.

What does Night reveal about you as a human being?

Its hard to understand how just one man's hatred can lead to millions of deaths that occured inside the horrifying camps that these prisoners went through. Hate can cause a man to do things he doesnt normaly do like turn on his/her friends like a savage. I don't want to hate because hatred can be revange to your life but death to another. It is important to teach people to be kind and tolerant of others even if they're different. No matter their race, religion, or background they still have the right to be alive and treated like a normal human being. I hope to be a person who treats others with kindness and express to haters that they should rethink their veiws of the world.
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