By: Erise Benavides

Push and Pull

Religious persecution

  • Kazakhstan
  • People leave from here because of religious persecution. Nearly half of the population are Christians and some are Protestants.
  • Most immigrate to Central Asia

Ethnic persecution

  • Afghanistan
  • There are to many racial people in this country. They judge the way people look. Some people just sit in the parking lot watching people die
  • Many escape but millions don't. So many of the people are killed fewer than half survive. They go to where ever they can reach without dying

Enviormental factors

  • Ireland
  • Under British control farmers grew wheat and oats for export to England. The Irish grew potato crops for domestic use
  • 1 million of Irish dies of starvation do a disease while the other migrated to the United States

Economic motives

  • Spain
  • There were lots of wars. Not very much money to buy new things for more wars.
  • Most moved to the USA because there were more opera unities there than in Spain

Political factors

  • North Korea
  • They have a heredity dictatorship. They lacked a charismatic leader and mass mobilizing party
  • They would move to stable countries like Canada or Germany