Phisics at Six Flags!

By: Zachery Finley

Superman Tower of Power

2.This amazing, heart pumping filled ride, has a top speed as high as 45 mph! This was originated in the year of 2003 and was first places at Kentucky Kingdom. This terrifying ride launches you up as high as 245 ft and then pretty much allows you to free fall!

4. The most potential energy is at the very top where it stops for about 3-5 seconds then drops and the most kinetic energy is the very beginning of the ride right before it shoots you up! A unbalanced force would be when the cart is moving and the air is pushing against it to try an get it to stop! Another one would be the same thing pretty much but instead of just the air pushing on it, Its both the air and friction between the tires and the track!

5. The speed is a very scary speed when you only have a bar over you shoulders! It reaches a top speed of 45 mph and that isn't like a straight line! No its going straight up so you could imagine how that would feel. There is a lot of acceleration on this ride. for example the very beginning it goes from being stopped to almost immediately 20 to 30 mph. Also it has to slow down at the top in order to not fly off or hit the top so that's another one. Another is all the stops in between. It varies on how many starts and stops their are... its pretty much the controller's choice. The only velocity there is, is up and down.

6. It involves the 1st law and the second law because the first law states an object in motion will stay in motion unless acted upon by an external force, and the second law states Force x mass = acceleration and this has both mass and force pushing it causing it to accelerate.


2. The gunslinger is a ride in which swings are raised up and spun in a circular motion. This ride has a top speed of 10 mph and you must be at least 42" to ride! This ride defiantly has history as it was introduced in 1983! Almost 31 years!

4. The most potential energy is the point right before it is lowered for all the kids to exit the ride. The most kinetic energy is when the ride is stopped and everyone is getting on the swings. This has a unbalanced force because the engine of the swing swings it in a circular motion and the wind applies the force against each swing.

5. The top speed is 10 mph and all it does is move in a circular motion so it doesn't have any serious velocity. Although it does not have much velocity it does have a good amount of acceleration. For example the beginning and ending of the ride is where it has the most. it speeds up in the beginning and slows down at the end.

6. This involves both laws 1 and 3 because at the end of the ride it stops suddenly and kind of launches you forward a bit. Also it involves law 3 because the gears inside the rides manual area must turn left in order for us to go right, which it does.

Gunslinger (off ride) Six Flags Over Texas

La Fiesta de las Tazas

All this crazy named ride is, is tea cups. I guess you could just say this is its fancy name. So it was introduced in 2006 6 and travels a rough 5 mph. There is no height and everyone can ride pretty much.