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We provide families with inspiration, information, advice, tips, and other educational resources.

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Are you a new family whose student does not have a computer but does have materials?

Are you wondering what to do? Here are some tips from Principals:

  1. Families can access the OLS/ OMHS from a smart phone. HOORAY!!

  2. Students can begin completing the Online Learning course IF they have a smart phone.

  3. Once they receive materials, students can begin doing offline work according to the Bison On Track calendar. Students can then mark things once they receive a computer OR they can mark lessons IF they have a smart phone.

  4. IF families have a smart phone and no materials, they can access materials and lessons thru the OLS/ OMHS.

  5. Samsung users can access Newrow from their phones; iPhone users cannot.

While awaiting your start to school, check out some of the resources we have gathered for schooling from home:

Special Needs Homeschooling

Special Needs Homeschooling: Helping Your Family Excel
Oklahoma Academic Standards

Oklahoma Academic Standards serve as expectations for what students should know and be able to do by the end of the school year. These standards were written by Oklahomans for Oklahoma.

----- Prepare for school with ISOK & OVCA ------

Internet Options for Low-Income Households in Oklahoma

Several companies and federal programs have initiated efforts focused on helping lower-income households obtain a broadband connection.

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