5 Themes of Geography: Austin

By Jenny Wu


Austin's absolute location is 30º 16' N, 97º 44' W.

Austin's relative location is within the state of Texas, roughly in between Dallas and Houston.


In Austin there are four seasons, with hot, dry summers and moderate winters that rarely bring snow. Austin very hilly and contains an abundance of trees.

Around Austin lie the seven Highland lakes that are fed by the Colorado river. Austin's water reservoirs are currently suffering from drought due to continuously dry summers.


Austin is located in the Southern United States. A general stereotype for the South is cowboys living in a desert environment while using horses as transportation. However, the South is not all desert and is fairly modern. People use technology to communicate and drive cars and other vehicles as transportation.


Austin is the capital city of Texas. It is also known as "job city" and the city of live music. People come from all over America to find jobs, listen to music, and attend all the various activities like the Keep Austin Weird festival. Austin has modern transportation, which makes it a fairly accessible city for tourists and residents.


Austin is home to the Mansfield Dam, a huge project completed in 1942. The residents used the dam to adapt to living near the Colorado River. The Mansfield Dam created the reservoir of Lake Travis and primarily prevents flooding, stores water, and generates hydroelectric power.