Hollymead Buzz

A Newsletter for Parents and Caregivers

February 7, 2022


Dear Hollymead Families and Caregivers,

We have a lot to celebrate at Hollymead Elementary!

Last week, we had our school spelling bee and after 15 rounds, fifth grade Claire Meng won! This week, she represented Hollymead at the Albemarle County Spelling Bee and came in 2nd place! Now she will represent Albemarle County at the regional spelling bee. Go, Claire!

This week, we also celebrated National School Counseling Week! We are thankful for the support that Ms. Kopley provides during classroom lessons, lunch groups, to our families, and with individual students. This year, we're also lucky enough to have Ms. Cottrell as our social emotional support counselor, and Ms. Biazzo interning with Ms. Kopley. We're glad to take time to recognize them this week!

Please contact me if for any questions or concerns. You can reach me by phone, 434 973-8301; by email at cdommer@k12albemarle.org; or in person at school.

Craig Dommer

Principal, Hollymead Elementary School

Report Cards

We are already half way through the school year! Report cards from the second quarter will be available today, February 11 starting at 4 pm through Parent Portal. Contact your child's teacher if you have any questions about their report card.

New Entry System

We have a new doorbell and entry system! If you arrive at our front entrance and the doors are locked, simply push the button on the right and it will call our front office. You will be able to talk directly with our office associates and they can open the door for you.

ACPS Calendar Updates

Remember that there is a revised 2021-22 School Year Calendar, which includes the following changes:

Wednesday, February 16, Full Day (had been a half day)

Friday, February 18, No School for Students

Friday, March 18, No School for Students

Wednesday, April 20, Full Day (had been a half day)

Friday, April 22, No School for Students

Friday, May 20, No School for Students

Substitute Teachers

You have probably seen in the news that school systems around the country have teaching shortages and need more substitute teachers, and that is true for us, too! Hollymead needs substitute teachers, and we'd love for you and your neighbors to consider signing up. Register with Albemarle County Public Schools, and then we can call on you when we need a substitute. When we don't have enough substitutes, we have to use our teaching assistants and specialists to fill in as classroom teachers.

Supporting Families

When it comes to us and our children, we are the ‘pitchers’ and they are the ‘cups’.

It is hard to “fill them up” when you are running on empty. We at Hollymead Elementary understand the stress that families feel as they juggle work, home life, and their children’s school needs. We want to help. Our goal is to find out what our Hollymead families need that would make their lives a little easier. We know that we aren’t miracle workers, but maybe there is something that we can do. Please take a few minutes and fill out this CONFIDENTIAL survey to help us to better support our Hornet families! All forms will be handled with discretion and responded to by your School Counselor, Megan Kopley, School Counseling Intern, Alexandra Biazzo or Social Emotional Learning Coach, Cherly Cottrell.

Medication at School

We want to make parents aware of the main points of Albemarle County School Board Policy JGCD-E regarding student medication at school, which is included in the Parent-Student Handbook.

Here are the highlights:

· Whenever possible, medication should be scheduled outside of school hours.

· If prescription medicine must be dispensed during school hours, a medication form (see the Student-Parent Handbook) MUST be filled out and signed by a parent/guardian and the prescribing physician. Forms are available in the school office.

· Parents/Guardians may complete the medication form for school personnel to administer non-prescription medication during school hours if necessary.

· No more than one month’s supply of a prescribed medication shall be stored at school.

· Medications are housed in a locked cabinet in the clinic and administered by the nurse or a designated staff member.

· Medication cannot be dispensed to a child without the appropriate form.

If you have any questions, you may contact our nurse, Eileen Gomez at 973-8301 or egomez@k12albemarle.org.