Promote the Active living

For kids

Physical activity

Kids from the age of five to eleven need about 60+ minutes of exercise a day. It has to be moderate to vigorous activity though not walking. You can have moderate activity every day if you want and you can have 3-4 days of vigorous activity a week

Moderate activity

What does moderate activity mean? It means any activities that get your heart pumping with only a moderate amount of energy used. On a scale of 0-10 it would be a 4-5. Examples


Now vigorous activity is when you get your heart rate up and can barely talk, maybe being able to say only a few words. Examples

How does it help

You'll get an improved fitness a.k.a. you'll be better at running then your friends, stronger bones and muscles, better posture and balance, increased concentration, higher marks, less stress(if any), and more chances to make more friends. All from exercising
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Daily active living

Daily active living refers to how healthy and active your day to day life is. (Don't kill the messenger but) Say if your a bit overweight, you might not sleep as well or be able to run as far as a person who is at an average weight. On the opposite side of the scale if your underweight you might not be able to lift as much or be as strong as a person at an average weight.
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Swimming, staying healthy, not watching as much TV, not being a couch potato, doing chores, watching how much junk food you're eating( a descent amount but don't go crazy),Going outside for recess, staying outside for a lot of the day in summer, that kind of thing.

Here is 3 more things to help you along da way

1. Maybe watch a little less T.V. and go outside more unless if it's a blizzard or something along the lines of that, I can understand that

2. Maybe less electronic time and more playing with your friends outside, inside, and everywhere in between.

3. Eat more foods higher in calcium vitamins and minerals and less, (not zero because let's face it everyone needs it now and again), junk food like cheesies.