BTT Mid Term Project

Using Gimp, Microsoft Photo Story, and Powtoon!



Gimp is a program mostly used for editing photo's using the internet. There are more buttons that you can use instead of just the box that will zoom in on things. There is actually a whole tool bar full of buttons that can change your photos. See below

Do you know what all these buttons can do?

If you do, feel free to skip!

But if you don't this will teach you exactly what each does

And Those Are All Of Them!


Microsoft Photo Story

In Microsoft Photostory you have the option to have photos play in a slide show in decorative way
Here is an example of a photo story

You can edit the photos you add though!

This is How!

Do you see all the buttons at the bottom of the photo?
This is what they all do!

And those are all the photo features for Microsoft Photo Story!



This is powtoon, with this website you can make cool slideshows for free! My favourite part is the animated people that express exactly what you want in a fun and entertaining way
Here is a slideshow showing you how to make a Powtoon

How to Add Sound & a Voiceover to Powtoon

Step 1: Press this button at the top of your screen
Step 2: This box will appear
Step 3: Choose a type of music from this bar
Step 4: You can listen to the music to test if you like it, press add on the right.

Then you can choose whether to play it once or on a loop

Step 5: When you have chosen, press apply at the bottom right corner

Once you preview your Powtoon you will here the music

Step 1: Press this button at the top of your screen
Step 2: This box will appear
Step 3: Press the red circle (record) and speak at the speed wanted

Press the square when finished

Step 4: When finished this box will come up wait for it to fill to 100%
Step 5: Press apply and it will play when you preview the Powtoon