Legal Aid

Short Story

The Stalker

Gray was a normal 18 year old that is always with his younger brother Natsu which is 16. On a normal day walking home from school something was different than usual days.

"Hey Frostbite does it feel like we are being watched or am I just paranoid?" Natsu said scared

Gray started to look around just in case but he didn't see anyone. Then he replied "You’re crazy no one around we live in a forest"

Natsu look around then he started to freak out because when he turned he saw something hid behind the tree.

"Hey dude want to race home?" Natsu said trying to stay calm

"Sure why not" Gray replied

The boys started to run all the way home. When they finally got inside Natsu locked the door and closed all the curtains.

The next morning they were walking to school and Natsu was hiding behind Gray. When Gray started to walk faster so he didn't go school late, Natsu was losing sight of him. Then all of a sudden Natsu felt a hand holding a cloth pressed against his mouth then everything went black for Natsu. Gray was almost at school when he realized Natsu wasn't behind him anymore. He started to get worried when he asked everyone at school if they saw Natsu. When he realized that he never came school Gray ran out of the school right when the bell rang for first period.

Gray arrived at the forest near his house. He started to scream Natsu name out but got no reply. He went straight to hit house. His mom asked him “Hey why aren’t you in school?”

Gray asked “Did you see Natsu I lost him before school so when I went there and asked around they all didn’t see him”

His mom put her hands over her mouth while gasping “I’m calling the police”

Gray was about to say something until the doorbell rang. Gray ran to the door hoping to see Natsu but all it he saw was a small box saying ‘Dear Gray’. When he picked up the box and opened it and read ‘Dear Gray If you ever want to see your precise brother again meet me in the middle of the forest and don’t tell anyone or else. I’ll see you soon my precise ;) “

Gray went to his mom and said “I’m going to go look for him, when I found him I’ll call you”

His mom shook her head and kissed her son while he walks out. When he leaves he runs to the middle of the forest. When he arrives he’s in shock. He see his brother on the floor unconscious with a lady looking around 30 with blue hair staring at him.

Gray asked “Who are you?”

She replied saying “I’m Juvia the one that’s been falling you my love”

Gray felt scared and disgusted when she said my love. “What did you do to my brother” Gray said angry

“Don’t worry he’ll be fine all I did was put him to sleep he won’t be waking up for a while. I didn’t want him interrupting our picnic”

Gray eyes went wide with fear “Why with me?”

“Because I love you that day I saw you walking home with him I just fell in love” she said

Gray screamed “I’ll call the police right now if you don’t give me my brother”

She said “Don’t worry you will once you have a picnic with me”

Gray screamed “No way just give him back”

In a split second she grabs Natsu by the neck and holds a knife against it. Gray eyes was getting a little watery. Once she was about to cut his throat they heard sirens.

“Freeze let go of the boy and put your hands where I can see them” the police man said while pointing a gun

She did exactly what she was told. When Natsu fell to the floor Gray ran straight to him trying to wake him up. The paramedics came and put Natsu in the ambulance.

After a few hours waiting at the hospital for him to wake and there mom talking to the police officer Gray was going crazy. He couldn’t sit there anymore he just wanted for his brother to wake. Gray stood up and walked to his mom when he went next to her he heard her yelling “I want her arrested and thrown in Jail!”

“I’m sorry but she was bailed out we can’t don’t anything about it” the police officer said

“Are you serious? She stalked my son and put one of them in the hospital and she was bailed out!” She screamed

“I’m sorry lady but we can’t do anything” the officer said

“Im sorry mom this is all my fault if I just watched him and actually listened to this we could have prevented this” Gray said crying

“Don’t worry it’s not your fault” his mother said

They both walk into the room and see Natsu awake they run and hug him. They catch him up to date. He asks “Why don’t we just get a lawyer and try getting a restraining order?”

His mom looks down “We don’t have enough money for lawyer”

“Go online to they could help you” A nurse said walking in

“Legal what” Natsu said

“Legal aid it helps all kinds of people, like if you guys don’t have enough money for a lawyer they would provide one for you for free” the nurse said

When they finally got home Gray helped Natsu to his room because he was still very dizzy and weak. He sat down next to him and opened his laptop and went onto the website. He told his mom to come upstairs to show her the website. They read all through the website then decide to call.

They finally decide to call. On the other side of the call was talking a very friendly person. They were telling Gray’s family how they can provide a lawyer for free because there broke. Once they got a lawyer they went to court. Gray and Natsu was the witness and the victim. They had to put a police officer next to them just in case Juvia tries anything. They told the judge the whole story but Juvia was denying everything and trying to act innocent. They were about to lose when the police officer that arrested her came walking in giving in her statement. Luckly they won and the judge provided them with a restraining order. A few months later Juvia tried doing something again but luckily they caught her and because of the restraining order she was sent to jail.

If that nurse never told them about Legal Aid something even worse would had happen to them. Even when they were broke Legal Aid helped them and provided a lawyer for them. Legal Aid can help anybody from any ages, race, gender you name it. So if you need help go onto and read through everything they will help you.