Curriculum Spotlight

Presented to the Benton School Board-October 9, 2017

RISE Initiative

R.I.S.E. (Reading Initiative for Student Excellence) Arkansas encourages a culture of reading by coordinating a statewide reading campaign with community partners, parents, and teachers to establish the importance of reading in homes, schools, and communities. R.I.S.E. Arkansas emphasizes the importance of building a culture of reading, educating parents about the importance of reading, and increasing access to books at home. In addition, the campaign will focus on increasing the depth of knowledge for teachers in the science of reading and expanding their understanding of phonics and phonological awareness,as well as how that knowledge impacts fluency, vocabulary, comprehension and writing. Benton School District plans to send two of our instructional facilitators to become R.I.S.E. instructors so that the teachers in our district can be trained in this initiative for our students.

Capturing Kids' Hearts Process Champions

Capturing Kids' Hearts (CKH) is a core process that transforms your school by building trusting relationships among teachers and staff. Reinforcement for CKH is provided through Process Champions. Benton School District hosted Process Champion Training on October 3 and 4 and invited some rock star teachers from Ringgold, Caldwell and Howard Perrin.

Process Champions are teachers and administrators serving as CKH mentors, helping their colleagues apply and master all aspects of CKH. In the Process Champions training, faculty and administrators receive additional instruction to assist and support their peers in Capturing Kids' Hearts. These rock star teachers learn to mentor colleagues, respond to faculty questions on specific student situations, model key strategies, support peers and sustain CKH as a dynamic transformational strategy for our schools.