Liberty Oaks Elementary

2nd Quarter Report

Staff Trainings

  • You Tube Training: focused on making and using playlists, privacy features, and making and uploading videos
  • Google Chrome (Check out the Smore we sent out!): focused on apps and extensions with an emphasis on the following apps/extensions (wunderlist, you tube options, iSpeech, Clearly, VoiceNote)

Upcoming Staff Training Session

  • In January we will offer a session on Symbaloo. Staff will be expected to come with an idea for a symbaloo they want to make and use. This way they can make it while at the session and leave with something they can then turn right around and use with students.
  • In February we will be offering a session called "Technology Refreshers".

Look at What Is Happenning at LO!

After School Club

  • An after school club called Tech Masters has been continued this school year by our librarian. These are 4th and 5th grade students who have been chosen as helpers with anything technology based. Check out the services they offer!


  • Kindergartners have been busy implementing a variety of ways to use the smartboards they have in their classrooms. Check out calendar time in one of the classrooms!

First Grade

  • First Graders used their iPads to record book reviews. Check out one here and another one here!

Second Grade

  • The second grade teachers have been using a website/iPad app called Class Dojo which is an online behavior management tool.

Third Grade

  • 3rd Graders made a class google presentation to share data on a science experiment they did first quarter.
  • Then second quarter they made you tube videos using an iPad to share their learning from second quarter in science. Check it out here and here!

Fourth Grade

  • Fourth Graders are getting ready to use KidBlog in writing this quarter. This will allow them to work on voice and audience. The teachers have even set up parent volunteers with criteria and they will be commenting on the students blog pieces.

Fifth Grade

  • Fifth Graders shared their learning with parents through video as well. Here is a video about the planets. Here is a video on the War of 1812.


  • As part of their genius hour in the library fifth graders were asked what they were "experts" in and they recorded their responses on padlet.
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Questions we have...

  • Technology Initiative: When will elementary teachers receive laptops? Are these new or used ones? When will the student devices arrive in schools?
  • iPad-apple username and password issues: We thought iPads were no longer suppose to ask for this, but some still do when opening certain apps.
  • Workorder issues: Teachers many times have to put in multiple workorders for one issue. This could be due to the workorder never being addressed OR that someone comes out and says they fix it, but it isn't.