Tuesdays With TED

Music, Spirituality and the Whisper that Connects Us All

Tuesday, October 13 at 12:10pm in the Center for Spirituality Community Room (GAC 151).

The Center for Spirituality hosts a monthly "Tuesdays with TED" series, which brings together students, faculty and staff from across campus to watch a brief (10-15 minute) video about a topic related to spirituality/religion/social justice. Participants then share their insights and responses to the talk while sharing a FREE meal together.

You are invited to join The Center for Spirituality in conjunction with AMTAS (American Music Therapy Association for Students) for the second TED talk of the semester - a talk about spirituality by award-winning Canadian recording artist, Angie Nussey. Having battled with depression and acute sensitivities to the world around her, Nussey speaks eloquently about her past and enjoys sharing ideas about what our ideal future will look like from the humanistic side. Through words, music, and understandings influenced by leaders such as Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Nelson Mandela, and Marianne Williamson, Nussey expresses her own point of view on what our spiritual future looks like and shares how we all must prepare for the discomfort of the future and the mourning of our past.

Feel free to watch the video ahead of time - or wait and watch it with us.

We will have a discussion afterwards as we enjoy delicious FREE PIZZA!!

No need to RSVP, but if you plan to bring a group or class please let us know!

Music, spirituality and the whisper that connects us all | Angie Nussey | TEDxNickelCity