Infant Brain Development

Parents! Here is your guide to stimulating brain development

6 tips to stimulating your infants brain development!!

The first tip to helping stimulate your child's brain development is to keep it simple and natural!! Specifically, the everyday experiences your child goes endures, and the environment they are exposed to effect how their brain develops! Don't push too hard for out of the ordinary experiences too quickly, your child learns best from consistency. Examples of these things include changing their diaper, singing to him/her, cuddling, and baths.

More Brain Development!!

Tip number two is to match your child's experiences to their mental abilities! More information on this, your child's brain stimulation growth craves physical experiences. Being hands on helps them understand more, helping them grow mentally! Provide experiences that are age appropriate so they can understand what they are doing. For example, an interactive toy is much more efficient than a computer game they would not be able to understand, keep the toy age appropriate for your child- something they will understand, and introduce them to new toys once they develop! Another helpful tip for your child's brain stimulation is practice makes perfect!! Specifically, like you and I, the more we do something, the better we get at it! Therefore, when your child has a routine and is connecting with an object everyday, their stimulation will become stronger and stronger! If your child doesn't understand the first time, encourage them! Make routines in your interactions with your child so they know what to expect. For example, read a bed-time story every night, bring your child in the kitchen when you make breakfast, lunch and dinner, and take him/her to the grocery store with you every week!

Stimulation Stimulation Stimulation!!

what do the parents have to say??

Parents who have been through this development with their children, say it is essential to give your child an early start! Read books to your children, talk to your child, make your child a reader, incorporate music in their life, and limit his/her TV viewing!!


We hope that this will help as much as possible with the raising of your child, and the growth in their brain development!!! Best wishes for a happy and healthy baby, GOODLUCK!!!