Love and value family above all

Opening Letter

As a child I was told that the only thing that I owned when I was born were the gifts that god gave me, life, faith, family, natural talents, and time. After growing up, I realized that this was very true. and the one thing that I valued most of all out of these things is my family. Family is the reason that I get up everyday and give my all and try my hardest at everything that I do in life. I love my family with all my heart and would do anything for them. My life, my values, and my goals all revolve around the bonds that I have with my family and I am constantly trying to make my family happy in everything that I do. Without my family, I would be nothing and have no aspirations or goals to achieve. Family is what drives me to become a person that not only I will be proud to be, but a person that my family will be proud of.

Acrostic Poem











Diary Entry

Dear Diary,

Today was without a doubt one of the most amazing days in my life. My baby sister just arrived and she is both healthy and beautiful. I plan on protecting her and providing her with everything that she needs to be confident and able to reach for anything that she wants to achieve, just like I've done for all of my other siblings. I will provide nothing but the right example of how to conduct business and how to treat others around her when she is with me and will never step in to save her, but give her the wisdom, lessons, and inspiration needed for her to figure out how to get through the rough times. I love her and all of my siblings and I am happy to be the big brother of my family. But i am tired now and I will be going to bed and to the hospital tomorrow to visit my baby sister, Cree Love Taylor.

Sincerely, Calef Taylor